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Zoop: Tetris of 1995

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Zoop is an odd cross between a puzzle and a shooter. You play a little triangle that moves around a 4x4 grid in the center of the screen, and you must shoot yourself at objects to get them. If you shoot an object that is your color, it will disappear and give you points. But if you shoot an object that isn't your color, you will swap colors with the object. Your overall objective is to clear a set amout of objects in each level. Remember that now.




With that out of the way, Zoop is fantastic! It has all the qualities a puzzle game needs to become a classic. It's fun, addictive, and just as a cherry on top, it looks great. The music is unlike anything you may have heard before. It's a mix between elevator music and club tunes, and it suits the game nicely. If you're looking for a timeless puzzler for your Genesis, Jaguar, or even Macintosh, Zoop fits the bill nicely.



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Always felt this game seemed oddly timed on Jaguar. IIRC, it came out after the PS1 was on market and people were already criticizing the Jaguar for being 'underpowered' and 'not 64-bit'. Surprised they didn't hold it back till the just settled a bit. Of course, the dust never really did.


Game is fun though, even if it's not a visual showcase for the system.

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I've only played the PC demo. I wonder how well the game would work if it was restricted to a vertical format? I coded a crude version once for the PC in BASIC (took about 30 lines IIRC) and it seemed all right. A vertical Zoop-ish game might work nicely on the 2600.

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