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Power Rangers: Time Force

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This is quite possibly the dumbest game I have played for this blog. Yes, kids, it's even worse than the Castlevania debacle I experienced. I think there are two main problems I had with this game. #1 - I never watched the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers so I had no idea who anyone was. #2 - the game is just so damned hard. I mean, there is this mine in a level where there there is a hole. While you are supposed to fall down some holes to progress in the level, once you fall down this particular one, you die. Nobody ever told me, I had no clue, yet there were a whole bunch of clues that helped me to progress up until that point. The plot is stupid: Some evil guy wants to take over the past. So I went down a mine shaft. The game is basically like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, where you go and slash up enemies as you progress, but the other game which I had as a kid was much better. This one is so stupid, it's ridiculous. It's like the movies the crew of MST3K make fun of, although you won't be making fun of it, you'll turn off your GBA, go to the bathroom and flush the game down the toilet, but not before vomiting.


Up next: Tang Tang.

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