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last games for consoles - update

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Just bought Samurai Deeper Kyo for GBA, which was released in February 2008 and, to the best of my knowledge, is the last (licensed) GBA game released in the States. Spent $<18 on it. I'm going to the used video game store Saturday to look for Ratatouille for the GameCube, which is the last GCN game released I could find, was apparently released June 26, 2007. A funny thing about Nintendo's "Master Games" list: It doesn't have every GBA game on it! So it doesn't have High School Musical: Livin' the Dream!, as well as the handful of games released in 2008. And you know what? Digital Press doesn't have any GBA game released in 2007 (I have a little bin full of them. I kept the boxes too. Don't know where the instructions went.) Only NintendoAge has Samurai Deeper Kyo listed, with no release date given. So here's a list of what I *do* have:

NES - Wario's Woods

Game Boy - Oddworld Adventures, Rugrats: the Movie (same month)

Virtual Boy - 3D Tetris


Frogger for the SNES should be coming any day now. I'm still looking for Tony Hawk 3 for the N64. And once I finish Nintendo, the next company to tackle is Sega. I also have Secret Quest for Atari 2600. Was that the last one for the 2600? I'm not really doing Atari because all I have is a 2600 and a Lynx. I have every Sega system except for the Dreamcast, so Sega looks to be a logical next step. Apparently, they're going to release Wii games until the end of time, so there isn't going to be a last one. No Wii successor has been talked about. I wonder what the last DS game will be? My guess is that it'll be one based on a movie. I'd also like to get Pokemon Yellow for the Game Boy too. It's going to be hard to find out what the last game released for Sega consoles are, since I was raised on Nintendo all my life, and got into other companies just in the last 5-7 years or so.

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