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Tang Tang

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Let me just start out by saying this game is too difficult to be enjoyable. Yes, one of those games again. In Tang Tang, your job is to go around making blocks to get rings and then find the exit. It's like Solomon's Key for the NES, basically. But there are stupid enemies, and you only get three shots per level. Yes, you heard me right. How lame is that? And these levels consist of different stages, or screens. There is only one suggestion I can make to this game: ADD INFINITE SHOTS. Even with infinite blocks you can build, this still isn't enough to warrant getting, unless you like swearing and getting angry at games. Level 1 is unbeatable since you only have three shots. And these boss levels, I have no idea what to do here. You can't shoot them, so why bother making them? Again, if you had infinite shots, you could have made this a shoot the boss until he explodes level, but noooo, the creators were too dumb to go that route. Morons.

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