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x86 emulator for DS



I have a DSi XL, and I am addicted to downloading homebrew.

Most recently, I started playing around with the [url="http://dsx86.patrickaalto.com/"]DSx86 emulator[/url]. I have to admit that I'm shocked at how well it handles games. I've had Day of the Tentacle on my card forever, but ScummVMds desn't play it well. The sound is really unbearable. The DSx86 program runs the sound (vocals and sound effects at least) really well. Despite the bad voice acting, I could listen to it.


I can also run Windows 3.0. There's not much point in this at the moment for me but I thought it was cool. That's a scale image. Windows runs at 640 X 400. It's just a bit too big. The DS "mouse" acts weird with it. (It's okay, I rarely ever used the mouse on my 486 anyway preferring the efficiency of keystrokes.)


Here's a zoomed in shot. :) Despite the large resolution on the small screen, I find it easy to move around. The left and right buttons on the top of the DS slide the screen around.

Right now I'm playing King's Quest 6.


Now that really brings back memories. So far I only got stuck on one part that refused to load right at the beginning, so I played on the computer using DOSbox, then moved the files over to the DS and continued on.

DOS games run at 320 x 200, so they fit really well on the screen. You can still read the text in most cases.


I've been playing mostly using the D-pad as the mouse, but the touchscreen works really well too.

This is what the keyboard looks like.


It actually responds very well, but the buttons are too small to be very useful to me for anything other than some possible games. I did actually give it a test like a real keyboard when I got Windows running.

Overall, pretty handy. After my one issue at the beginning, I haven't had an issue since. Day of the Tentacle also had an issue too in the second cut scene that I might have to try skipping past in the same way I skipped past the one issue with this one.


Recommended Comments

Austin, oh yeah, this guy is definitely still working on it. This is only a beta release still, I think. But for a beta, I think it's pretty amazing already.

Sauron, lol! Awesome. Finally it's cool to be a geek.

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