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Dang, been a while since I posted here.

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Granted, I still post on my Livejournal a bit more regularly.


Been starting to buy games for the Wii/360/PS3 generation even though I still don't own either of the systems. I know I'm going to end up getting them eventually so what's a prepurchase here and there amirite?


To this end, almost all of the games I've been buying are in the > $20 range. I think all of the Wii games were at the 10 dollar price point. The only game above the 20 dollar mark was Deathsmiles since I bought the limited edition. I've always said it, I'm a sucker for limited editions.


Well, limited editions that have physical bonuses. I saw that one of the new Game of the Year editions coming out will just be having a voucher for the DLC content rather than actually having it pre-packaged or an extra DVD containing it. So... yeah, not all that interested in it.


Last two games bought were Assassin's Creed and Bioshock on the PS3. Wal-mart's anniversary sale pushed the price of the games down to the 15 dollar mark.


I won't be getting the systems themselves until next year sometime. Due to needing a new computer for minecraft, I may end up getting a new PC before getting the consoles.


Not tossing this PC away when I get it though, as it runs everything else perfectly still.

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