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The gift of music

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Ever since I found that website that converts MIDI files to MP3s, I think I'm going to give my family members a CD of 45 minutes' worth of music I composed for Christmas. So that means basically I'm going to burn 4 copies, one for mom, one for dad, one for my sister and one for myself in case i lose the computers they're stored on right now. The first thing they'll ask when they open it is, "Is this the usual disgusting off-key singing of stupid songs we're used to?" See, I record really disgusting songs for my own amusement, and with a name like "my butt hurts", well, they'll just think it's me singing about how my butt hurts. Right now, I'm about half way done with part 3 (it's 3 parts of 15 minutes each.) On the cover of the CD will be a picture of a pineapple I got off the internet. The pineapple is a non sequitur (so is the title). I've been composing stuff like crazy for the past few days, don't know why since it doesn't have to be done until Christmas Eve. It's like fiddling around on the keyboard a little bit produces an idea for a new part. From there, I build on a set of notes, creating counterpoints for each additional instrument in the part, and add percussion if deemed needed by me. Then when it sounds good, I play back what I had done thus far, and correct when necessary. I'm using Cakewalk to do this, it's a program that lets me make my own MIDI files. How I got into the MIDI file-making thing is The Video Game Music Archive (which I have submitted several video-game-related accepted and on the site. Look the ones created by "the Almighty Pineapple". This was back in 2006. When I was a kid, I took piano lessons, which is where I learned to read music, but I have forgotten some of it and have to fiddle around until the note lengths match the ones in the tune in my head. And if you're still reading this, you must be extremely bored.

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