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Ignorance or Greed?

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Why are people selling R6 VCS games for $50 on eBay? Is it out of sheer ignorance, like saying "Gee, this video game is old, it must be worth a fortune!". Or is it greed, hoping some ignorant person will stumble upon it and pay $50 not realizing it's worth about 10% of that? Either way, sellers like that on eBay are stupid and dumb and I want them to stop it. If it is pure ignorance, why not GOOGLE it, come across this site, and ask a fair price? If it's greed, they deserve a public flogging at a classic video gaming expo. I know I'm being mean to the greedy, but COME ON! Even if someone DID stumble on it not knowing the price, THEY WOULDN'T PAY EVEN $50 FOR JUST ONE GAME! Not in any economy! Sorry, I just had to rant.

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It's probably a combination of the two; plus if it's only worth $5 then it's not really worth the seller's time & effort to deal with it. But if someone were to pay $50, then the time & effort would be worth it.


However, the Internet does mean collectors can exchange information much more easily than in the past. So in the past prices of items would be much more localized and the seller may have had more information available. But now the buyers have access to all of the information and the seller may not understand the value of what they have.


What boggles my mind are people who price eBay items far above the price of sales of previous items, and those that price stuff over retail.

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I don't know which it is. But I have noticed that at the local game shops here, most of the 2600 games have gone way up recently. A year ago, you could pick up almost any game for $1.00 to $2.00. Now they've all marked Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and ET at $9.99. The more difficult to find games are pretty much priced the same, however. I've seen Desert Falcon and Dark Chambers for $14.00 and $16.00.

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