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My first MIDI



I like videogame musics from 16 bit era most because in that machines (Snes, Genesis, Neo-Geo) the musicians used their full potential without much limitations, they have good chips with 6 or more sound channels and lot of rom to use. I collect Midi since end of 90's, vgmusic was one of the first internet sites that I visit and still downloading midis today, even with possibility to play original music files emulated by programs.

Aways wanted to create midis, but I'm not musician and have no talent for this. I know how to create sound fx for games, but music require special timming that I don't have.

My first midi comes from R-Type 3, snes game that have awesome sound track but sadly nobody makes midi from this game.

This midi is old actually, I did it more than a year ago. The program I use is AnvilStudio, freeware midi composer and AudioOverload, that play original music files from many consoles and computers WITH possibility to disable audio channels and record to wav.


With wavs from single channel I tryed to reproduce, note by note, on the Anvil midi composer. Snes has 8 sound channels :P

After many days the midi was a crap, althoug alone the notes sounds good, together sounds out of tune.


Finally I found another tool to help on the midi conversion : Amazing Midi


With this tool I can create midi file from a wav. Nope, the result is far from perfect, but it pick the correct note, all I need to do is erase the unanted notes and fix the lenght wich is a lot easier than find the correct note by ear.


Here's the result. Still "bad" but compared with my fist attempts, it's ok. Also I'll attach the midi created by AmazingMidi, wich are used to pick the correct notes. The midi is on vgmusic also.


I have plans to convert R-Type3 level 1 music, wich is the badass one, also Top Gear 2, wich is another game with great musics and nobody convert to midi.


The original sound for comparission :

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Sounds good to me, a few awkward sections here and there but overall very smooth track. I'm not a musician or a midi expert but is there any alternate instrument to use instead of the midi "trumpet" in particular the main one, heard that used in many midi tracks during its era and it always never sounded right to me?

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