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Good things come to those who wait



Yeah, it's a cliche; I get it. But I was just discussing "delayed gratification" today with my two oldest boys during (believe it or not) a game of Risk Factions on XBLA. We talked about how you collect stars to turn in for troops, but the more stars you turn in, the bigger the troop supply. So, if you can wait long enough, you get a much better reward than if you take a reward as soon as you qualify for the minimum. Of course, you can only earn one star per turn in most cases, so it takes a good long while to reach those nice plateaus of 15+ extra troops.


By the way, I have to say I really like my Xbox 360. The Netflix option was fun last year when we tried it over the summer, and it's fun to pick up a XBLA game every now and then. Even a classic like N64 Perfect Dark. Bet you never thought you'd play that game via online multiplayer, eh? :)


Tangent. Circle. What we were discussing again? Right, games and waiting. Well, I haven't forgotten about Atari fans. Just been really busy for, oh, the last 3-4 years. But this year, 2011, should be a fun year. There are a couple of neat things being published; at least one by Songbird, and another elsewhere. Stay tuned!

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An important and often neglected teaching point for our kids...important to take those opportunities as they present themselves :D

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