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A Brighter Outlook

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This will probably be my last entry for a while as I am off next week to Washington DC for a conference, and then on to the vgXpo in Philadelphia the following weekend. Fortunately things are looking better for the vgXpo now as many people on the forum have said they are still going, and AA will have a stand there after all. The Hunchy 2 carts have now been soldered by Al, and should be available for sale at the show. If there are any bugs still remaining in Hunchy 2 then it is too late! post-4423-1074999532_thumb.jpgI have attached the latest version of the PoP code to this entry. This version fixes the collision detection with the doors, which (for once) was not as hard as I was expecting :) I have also added some self-modifying code to enable the lives indicators (at the bottom of the screen) to be changed, but this won't be noticable until later. The prince sprite is back as I was getting tired of the big white blob, but he won't be animated until I sort out all the remaining issues with collision detection. The next task is to clean up the code using the suggestions that were posted in response to my last entries (thanks supercat and vdub_bobby), and then I can start implementing the various falling tile solutions. Chris

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