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Sonic X Blog: Unfair Ball (Season 1, Episode 10)

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It's that special time again where I write stuff about Sonic X, and specifically about episode 10 for today. In Unfair Ball, Tails finds another Chaos emerald in a baseball diamond after the emerald's energy spikes force him to land. Through a series of sudden events, both Robotnik and the Sonic team find out about it, and race to get it. Once there, a squabble over the emerald ensues, but Robotnik decides to settle things in an uncharacteristically sporting way: a game of baseball.


I'll admit, this sounded kind of stupid. However, the Sonic X writers seemed to realise just how ludicrous this plot was, and made the episode a full-on comedy piece. It works really well, too. Both I and my other viewers laughed pretty hard all the way through, which gets this episode a solid recommendation (which is more than can be said for most comic relief episodes in action shows).


Watch episodes here.

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