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I have had the NES version for years, but last week I saw that there was a PlayStation version. So today, I went in and bought it. And it's not like the NES version at all. Sure it's the same game, but presented radically different. I thought, "Ooh Puzznic, I'm gonna get the NES version on the PSX." Not true. They have some cockamamie level design where you pick a starting level from a map and then play, where as in the NES version, you can type in a password easily obtained from the internet and then play whatever level you want. And in the PSX version, they have these stupid little avatars of you that react when you complete a level (although I am partial to mister pumpkin-for-a-head. I don't know why, but all the levels seem to have a graveyard background. It'd be the perfect game to play on a rainy Halloween, that is, if you don't have trick or treaters like I do.) Well, anyway, I am slowly but surely building a PSX collection, this is game #7 of mine.

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