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Dreamcast stuff

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So I go to the store to get some games. After looking for a while, got two Dreamcast games: Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness and Pen Pen Tri Ice Lon. Pen Pen would not work. Since I was able to get a title screen and a few menus, every time I got to a certain place in the menu (right before a race), it would send me back to the Dreamcast BIOS menu. So I cleaned the disc again and then it wouldn't work at all. I'm guessing (and hoping) that all it needs is a resurfacing. Ms. Pac-Man plays perfect, although all I did was play the classic one. Funny story about Maze Madness: I bought this new in 2000 for the N64 and beat the game. I also wrote a guide for it. This is the only time I ever wrote a guide for a video game, and MM is the only non-Mario game I've ever beaten (needless to say, I suck at video games, yet I still love them for some dopey reason.) Oh, and I'm looking for Chu Chu Rocket for the Dreamcast, so anyone who has that and would be willing to part with it for some $, PM me. Anyway, even though I have three games for it, I'm beginning to grow fond of my Dreamcast, and am looking to add more games for it. Any suggestions of what to get next would be helpful.

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