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Klonoa: Empire of Dreams

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This game is technically impossible. Nobody (and I mean nobody) can get past level 1-2. I guess the game testers just quit testing the game after defeating level 1-1 and said "That's good enough." Well, had they gone past that and actually attempted to defeat level 1-2, they would have found a major flaw in the game. The snag is it is impossible for the stupid guy to jump high enough to get onto a ledge. I tried getting an enemy into the pit and that didn't work. I tried doing a special jump that works with enemies to go higher with the box and that didn't work. So basically you're stuck in 1-2, which is sad because it was a good attempt at a game. And anyone who claims they have gotten past 1-2 are lying, like the people on GameFAQs. They made everything past 1-1 up. After all, what's the use of having a FAQ for such a short game? I hate these impossible games. Major fail for making 1-2 technically impossible to beat, like Impossible Mission for the Atari 7800, this one is also impossible. :x I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this. We all know Impossible Mission is impossible, but I guess nobody has played Klonoa on GBA and found out it is impossible. That, and there was at least a 5-minute long introduction story. I hate games that have the story inside them. That's what instruction booklets are used for.

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