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Game.com 1999 releases suck

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I just got Scrabble in the mail. What I didn't realize is there's no boxes for the 1999 releases. Or rather, you have to destroy whatever packaging there is to get the game. Tiger probably did this to save money, but what a drag. Here I was hoping for a complete (someday) game.com collection with boxes, only to find out that the 1999 releases do not have boxes! So I guess I'll be saving my opened with scissors clamshell box. I also noticed that the instructions are one folded up sheet rather than a nice little book. Again, cost-cutting measures? I have yet to test out the game fully, but I do know that it works. And I do know that there is a computer opponent which you can set at three skill levels (novice, intermediate and advance.) I might let you know if I actually like the game itself soon, what I can tell you now is I do NOT like the packaging.

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Yeah, those clamshell cases are a drag. If you cut along the outside, you can keep the packaging (there's a little tab where the case can snap closed), but boy does it look ugly. The other problem is that they are rounded and don't sit nicely on a shelf. Tiger could at least have made the bottoms flat, but no....

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I've seen those. Either Tiger was being really cheap, or they didn't think people would actually want to save boxes and set them on shelves.

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