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Wires, wires everywhere

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Well, I finally went through my huge wad of wires. I'm not kidding when I say "huge" and "wad". It took the better of half an hour, sorting out which system is attached to what wire and what not. But finally I got almost the whole thing untangled. And I've decided to sell some systems at my sister's garage sale. What's on schedule to leave my abode:

Sega Saturn, Atari Jaguar, Magnavox Odyssey2.

I don't really have anything against these three, but I need to downsize because I have too much stuff. And if they don't sell, they'll go in the pantry for whenever I feel an urge to play them again. So what I've decided to keep that was in the big wad of wires is my PSX, Dreamcast, 800XL, NES, SNES, N64 and Wii. Yes, ten systems, all with each of their own wires and whatnot, were bundled together due to my laziness. And I also have a TurboGrafx 16, but no AC cord for it.

Anyway, I'm glad it's done with (for now.)

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Because I don't like going to the post office and waiting for half an hour while there's too many people and one person working and the line creeps along. And I'm in all seriousness here. Every time I go, there's too many people and there's only ONE person working them all. So I'm having a hard time believing the USPS is going broke.

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