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Too Stupid For Hello World

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OK, so I have this NES file named "zoopts2.chr". All I want to do is display the contents on an NES ROM via emulator. But assembly is too hard, and I am too stupid for it. I've tried multiple things, downloaded NESASM, read various things, but I don't understand NES color pallettes. Why are they needed? What if you pick the wrong colors than the info that is in the chr file? Why is there no simple sample program that lets you display contents of a bmp2nes file conversion on the screen? If someone would only take the time to do that (with their infinite knowledge, someone could probably write one in five minutes!), then I would be eternally grateful and would deposit $10 into their PayPal account. I know you've heard this a million times: I'd do it, but I'm too stupid to. To me, it's just a bunch of numbers and dollar signs and percent signs and the code to me looks like gibberish.

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