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Minecraft: Main Base

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Seems most of my gaming went off the table once I managed to fix up Minecraft so it would technically work on my comp. (The black screen bug affects it, so I ended up having to delete the .minecraft folder and redownload the modified client launcher.)


Still, even with that out of the way I have to keep fog up high to have any chance at an acceptable frame rate. And even then, if I'm near a lot of mobs or if the weather stuff is happening, or BGM is playing, or if there's lots of running water around, the frame rate sinks into the floor.


But it's still fun to play! :ponder:


Since I'm ignoring this blog otherwise at present, I think I'll just do random minecraft updates here if I have nothing else to do. :D


So to start off, I'll just do a quick little rundown on the Main Base. Main Base is the starting point of my journey although I've traveled out and built several other bases, some far more impressive looking. Main Base is the central structure, roughly, in what I call the Alpha Region. To the north, east, and west there are other bases not too far out. And most of them have pretty extensive cave systems under them. To the south I went traveling... very far. Like 2000 blocks south, on foot. When I finally reached a huge plains/tundra, I decided to set up shop and built a huge castle wall around a section of it. Thus Castle Town was formed. ;) A railway using powered rails connects Castle Town to the Alpha Region, with Skeleton Station somewhere in the middle. I'll talk about each of those locations next time. :ponder:


Anyway, Main Base!




I don't really build things to look pretty - I prefer them to be functional first. This was the first base I started which originally was just a hole in a hill. It's changed a tad since it's original days. It's also changed a lot periodically as I make new mods to it. These are pics from how it looks this morning.




The obsidian siding was the latest addition. I was mining up a lake of lava down near my latest Dark Room trap so decided to use a portion of it here.




This back portion was added for the mineshaft. Next to it are a ladder for getting back up, and a safe fall for falling quickly to bedrock (safely!).


I originally had a step-down mine before adding this on.


I like glass. Can you tell?

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