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War zone: News from the front lines

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For the past few days it has sounded like I live in a war zone with all these exceptionally loud fireworks going off, or did we actually declare war on some nation and I haven't read about it? Anyway, I expect enemy combat to cease fire tomorrow night, and we may actually win the war...the war against breaking noise ordinances. I just spent about $11 (including shipping) for Red Faction for the N-Gage because I had to. It was one of the few games I wanted that I was willing to spend that much for. The cheap N-Gage game market seems to have dried up. I remember people trying to sell Pandemonium! for a few bucks. Those days are over. Even sucky sports games for the N-Gage (Soccer and baseball games) are going for at least $7 now. What on earth happened? I can't believe people beginning to collect for the N-Gage en masse.

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