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A Big Difference

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Worked on the 2600tris line clearing code today. I got an idea of how to speed it up to look like Chetiry's line-clearing time. It doesn't work as fast as I had hoped, but the time is considerably less than it was before when it comes to making the lines of blocks go down once a line is cleared. It took at least a few hours to do. And the game has a whole heck of a lot of code to manage, at almost 2,000 lines of bB code. (1,944 to be exact.) 19,623 lines of ASM code, which, according to that topic where people share the number of lines their ASM code is, isn't very much for a 32k game. Right now, it's about a 26k game, so I have about 6k of room left to do any improvements or easter egg hiding. I already hid one (it's not a very interesting one once you find it, though.) Anyway, if you're interested, I posted a new version in the "2600tris" thread in the homebrew forum (post #142).

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