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Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace

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OK, when being a superhero, one thing is important: The ability to swim. Apparently, Spider-Man hadn't taken swim lessons as a kid. Easy mode is too hard. Yep, another one of THOSE games. And yet another slug-fest a la TMNT2 for the NES (and apparently the arcade, although it's a lot more fun on the NES if you have a front loader and a Game Genie.) I don't know why every superhero game has to do this. The X-Men did this, and now Spider-Man. And apparently Spider-Man isn't a very good superhero. Oh sure, he can shoot webs and stuff, but it seems like he's really weak. A few bullets really does damage to his health meter. Superman has the ability to have bullets bounce off his chest. Aqua Man can swim. Maybe Spidey needs to take a few more lessons in superhero school. I was able to clear downtown OK, but Pier 54 was where I learned that Spider-Man can't swim. Some idiot enemy punched me off a few boxes that were apparently magically floating in mid air and I fell to my death a few times. That is when I knew I was defeated and so I turned the GBA off, never to play this one again unless I feel like torturing myself, which might happen because it has passwords. I never did get any passwords when I beat the downtown level, but in the main menu it has a place to enter them, so...


This concludes September of 2011. On to October!

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