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Natl. Assoc. of W Lovers

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A few years back, (February 6, 2009, to be exact), I was watching YouTube and came across the Sesame Street sketch about Bert and the National Association of W Lovers. It was then that I decided to make this fictional club a reality. If you want to join, instructions are on the page of the association. You can view the site, basically a temple about the letter W, at www.atari2600land.com/w/ which is quite possibly the only site on the internet devoted to the letter W. Now, I want to get rid of the atari2600land domain name and start one at www.w.com, which would be all about the letter W, but I don't know how to change URLs, I'm signed up with Yahoo. A few reasons I want to ditch the www.atari2600land.com is #1 - Greedy, ruthless Atari lawyers stumbling on my site, and, #2 - I don't update the 2600 part of the site any more. So why not use the letter W as a reason, a scapegoat? Well, anyway, if you have something to add to the W site (like a pop culture reference or some other interesting fact about the letter W for the fact page.) let me know. It's funny, on the news page, it looks as though I forgot about the site for a year, briefly resurrected it, and then forgot about it again for another year. Well, this time I want to keep remembering and keep the spirit of the letter W alive! All hail the W and the wonderful sound it makes. Like Bert said, it makes the heart pound faster.

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