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Slowly but surely...

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So I finally got around to watching an episode off that SMB3 DVD set that I got off the internet about a month or so ago, which in turn inspired me to continue work on issue 1 of my Super Mario Bros. 3 comic that I'm doing. I figure by the time I get this done, it will probably be mid next year at the rate I'm going! So, after a month of not working on it, drew four pages' worth yesterday and today, two of those pages are rewrites of page 1 (I decided to stretch the original page 1 into two separate pages in case I ever get close to a 36-page comic.) Right now, I'm on page 10, so I have to stretch the story for another 25 pages, either that, have two different stories, or have one main story and a bunch of little joke comics to pad out to 36 pages (which I think I will do.) Well, I got Mario unfrozen (they're in the Ice World and Lemmy froze Mario into a block of solid ice if you remember.) Now Luigi, who went around trying to get a Fire Flower for Mario so he could unfreeze him will now find out Mario's not where he originally left him. And then, they still have to beat Lemmy and get the wand back to change the king, who has been transformed into a seal, back to his original self. I'm trying to keep in line with the original game and not the cartoon series, which, while had original music and graphic-inspired drawings, were more loosely based (For example, in "Never Koop a Koopa," Koopa's castle has Ptooeys, pictures of all the Bowser kids, etc.) If you want to take a look at my crude yet colored drawings, look no further, beware, though: long loading times, each page is about 200-300kb big. I don't really know how to change that, right now they're in PNG format, which is non-lossy and makes the colors look OK, but if anyone has tricks to downsize the KB of my pages while keeping the color non-icky-looking, please post them. So here now is the first 9 pages of my comic book I'm working on: http://www.atari2600land.com/smb3comic/

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