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MIDI: take 2

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So, I plugged in Super Mario Advance 4 (SMB3), where they put a place that has all the worlds (a world world map, you might say) to choose a world after you have beaten the game. I had tried to make a MIDI of the music that plays on that screen before, but I had left out a few things. The music sure does change once you put headphones into your Game Boy Micro, you hear instruments that you might have not heard before. Wonder why? Well, anyway, I had figured out all the notes and started making it when all of a sudden I realized that it wasn't going to sound very good, so I switched what I was doing and started working once again on my fifth long MIDI which I had abandoned for a few months. Looks like I'll be making a half-hours' worth of music this year again, too, split up into 2 fifteen-minute long MIDIs. I had an idea for a song right when I realized I wasn't going to work on the other one, so I quickly jotted down the notes and went to my computer to input them. I must have gotten up twice or thrice to finish writing the piece (luckily, there was a keyboard not far from the computer I was using which seems to have all the instruments that a MIDI does.) I was using the old, slow as molasses computer in the den. So anyway, I think this one ranks among my favorite pieces I've done for the series of long songs I've made. When I looked to upload it to my website, I had noticed the last time I looked in that file was September. Gee, I thought it was longer ago than that! Anyway, the thing I wrote today starts at 8:59. I'm going to write about five more minutes' worth of material and then call this particular MIDI done, run it through the pop-up-ad-ridden MIDI-to-MP3 converting website and start part 6. Now I just have to remember to do that if I want to get it finished by Christmas (it's an Xmas present to my mom and sister, who would get two separate CDs.) http://www.atari2600land.com/mybutthurtspart5/

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