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3DS Reviews again

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Well, it was 9 days late, but I finally got a new 3DS review up. Check out what I think of "Centipede: Infestation" by following this link: http://www.atari2600land.com/3ds/ The way the game is played may surprise you, I can tell you it sure did me. Let's just say it's not Centipede-ish. And on Sunday, I'm going to get Super Mario 3D Land if they have it at Fred Meyer once it opens. Last time we went to the flea market, we stopped at Fred Meyer before, so we usually get there right once it opens. Not because I want to ensure a copy of the game, but because I want to go to the flea market first so I don't miss anything. And if they have it, I will review it and resume my usual once-every-Monday reviews on that site. I didn't play Centipede right when I got it because of pure laziness. That and I didn't think it would be a very good game. Well, anyway, I hope Mario Kart 7 will be a reason to play my 3DS more. The three games I have right now just don't really give me a reason to play it a lot.

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