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AtariAge Subcription



The total of AtariAge Subscriber are 146 for what I can tell (by going to members AtariAge Subscriber.)


I can understand that not everyone is able to afford $30.00 dollars a year (or $50.00 for 2 years.) However, I think that the love that many "talk" about Atari and AtariAge, the support is very little. $30.00 dollars is not a lot of money in most latin america, USA and most Europe. For example, in Colombia, $30.00 dollars is 60,000 pesos , which is not a lot of money for most people, considering this is a one year charge.


I think most people are just not willing to pay for the subscription. However, when it comes to buy additional Atari equipment, they don't mind spending $30 dollars.


I'm here in the US, and with the current economics trouble, $30 dollars are very useful, but still not a lot.


I want to be clear. I understand that some people are not able to buy, but I think the support of only 146 members is not enough.


It is easy to talk but not easy to act.


Let's support the great work of AtariAge.

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