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Atari 8 bit: Free Software and Open Source VS Free Programs and Closed Software



The Atari 8 bit community has some great people working in some exciting projects. While I can see some of them wanting to get their money back or make some additional profit, which is totally ok -- I have come to ask me if my fellow Atari users do not enjoy current open source software. Do they even like the whole concept of GNU FREE SOFTWARE (which includes source code) and the Open Source code in whichever licenses are available.


I can understand that some grew up where closed source code was common (while copying was also common.) But , I still see some people wishing to make their software free but without source code. Please note that this is a valid choice.


I have a different point of view, maybe because I'm in academia. I like to share everything that I can. BUt it is also true that many programs I have done, I have not been able to share, because who owns the rights, does not allow me to. With this said, my current project that I'm working for my PhD Thesis, I will make it totally free and open source.


There is money to make with free software. There is money to be make with closed software. Both are ok. I primarily used a mac, so I should know about closed OS


However, with so few of us compare to general tech population, I wonder why don't we make all the software 100% free with source code available. AND NOTE, there are various projects out there already with code.


In general, I'm not saying that is good or bad, but I would like to know what people think here in the community of A8. I think either position is just as valid.


I'm looking forward to know about people's opinion about this subject.


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