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Beekeeper's Apprentice

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Anyone here ever heard of David Sylvian? Looking for interesting additions to my long song collection, I came across "Approaching Silence." Apparently, he's associated with Mr. Fripp of King Crimson ("Lizard"). Of interest are two songs over 30 minutes: the title track "Approaching Silence" (38:17) and an oddly-titled in my opinion "Beekeeper's Apprentice" (32:38). I've been looking to bolster the upper part of my collection (30 or more minutes, although anything above 15 minutes even counts as a long song). In this project, I've discovered a lot of bands I might have never heard before that I like (like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or the more famous Yes, Rush and Emerson Lake & Palmer) Well, anyway, I saw the CD on eBay for <$8 so I decided to take a chance and buy it. So hopefully I'll enjoy it and solve the mystery of why anyone would call a song "Beekeeper's Apprentice." I now have a lot of prog rock CDs and a little bit of vinyl. In fact, I've got so many CDs that I don't know where I'll put the collection once I get a few more. I may box it up since I've been ripping the songs to my computer so I don't have to get the CD out to listen to it. When the time comes to get a new computer, it will be a massive project with well over 100 songs to rerip. *knocks on wood*.

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Yes. David Sylvian has had quite the varied professional career, starting as the vocalist and principal songwriter for Japan (I recommend all of Japan's albums, as they show a marked progression of his vocal development within a very short period of time.)


His work as the Japan-Reunited Rain Tree Crow is also quite good.


I also love the work that his brother (Steve Jansen) has worked on throughout the years, including his 2008 release "Slope" which contains an excellent Sylvian guest appearance.

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