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Star Castle Mines



Here is another small update to my Star Castle demo on the 2600:

  • The mines now follow you around the screen. They will reset to the centre if they go off screen.
  • You can shoot the mines, and collisions between the ship and mines are detected (the screen will flash).
  • Ship rotation is now much slower.

There are still a few issues with the ship and mines at the edges of the screen, but I'll fix these later. The mines are flickered at 20Hz so that 3 can be displayed. The flicker would be less annoying if the size was reduced (to the same size as the bullets), but then they would be nearly impossible to shoot. Let me know if you think the mines are too large and/or annoying?




I have done a lot of code optimising in this revision. Hopefully I now have enough spare cycles to do the collision detection between the bullet and rings as this is the main missing piece. I have cut the game down to 1 bullet on screen. This may increase later, but for now it makes the collision detection more manageable.


The (very messy) source code and binary are included below. Let me know if you have any suggestions?







Recommended Comments

Fortunately the arcade version always bounces the ship off the outer ring also, so I'm going to leave this as a "feature" :)

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Ah, the flashing effect reveals HMOVE blanks. I'm guessing the rings would be difficult to draw with HMOVE on cycle 73?

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I don't think it is possible to avoid the HMOVE bars as there is no way to do both +8 and -8 on cycle 73. However, since the bars alternate on different frames I don't think it looks too bad? I probably won't use the flash effect in the actual game, so the bars will remain better hidden.

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The player's ship's rotation is now spot-on. Close enough to 60 RPM as best as I can eyeball it against a clock.

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