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My APF plea . . .



This is sort of an interim entry taking place between the sharing my experiences with the Fairchild Channel F and going on to explore the Bally Professional Arcade.I just won an APF MP1000 a few weeks ago on eBay and, in seperate auctions, won six carts for it.I still have some time before I get to this system, but when I do, half of its library is unavailable to me. As far as I know, an emulator for it isn't finished and the carts for it are not dumped. I'm about to start playing the 1978 Bally Professional Arcade library followed by the 1978 Odyssey^2 library. Some time around February 2006, I'm going to "need" those APF carts.There's very little on the internet about the gameplay in the APF games individually. Try finding any site, anywhere, that takes each game and gives it its little day in the spotlight. Try finding anything about the gameplay in any of the Odyssey, RCA Studio II or Fairchild Channel F games I've written about, for that matter. The APF M1000 is another one of the systems about which there is very little information available. In addition to this blog, I'm working on a site (www.chronogamer.com)(yeah, it's very primordial at the moment) that will have as much information about this old stuff as anyone will be able to stand, which is why I'm appealing for your assistance.For Chronogaming purposes, I need the following five carts:BackgammonBoxingCasino 1: Roulette / Keno / SlotsPinball / Dungeon Hunt / BlockoutUFO / Sea Monster / Break It Down / Rebuild / ShootHere's what I'm asking . . .Of the five that I need, can anyone lend me theirs?I'll pay shipping both ways (Unless you live near me, then I'll just pick them up.) and I'm willing to leave a deposit equal to 125% of their listed DP Guide worth. I would expect to get my deposit back, when I returned the carts, of course (so it would probably be a Paypal payment which you would refund when you got your cart back).Please pm or email me if you'd be willing to volunteer those items from your collection for inclusion in this blog. Otherwise, I'm going to have to skip over them when the time comes. (not like that's the worst thing in the world that could happen to us all, but still, I'm trying to be thurough here)Remember, I'm not asking for anyone to GIVE me these carts. I'm asking to BORROW them. I'm willing to risk my money and my trade reputation, such as it is. (I have one on Digital Press, but not Atari Age.) For trade references, please see my eBay handle "chronogamer" and my Digital Press feedback in the Feedback Forum (as mezrabad).I will be keeping my eye out for these items on ebay and in trading forums, so, please, note that I am also willing to buy them, assuming they come up for sale or auction, but since I'd only be selling them back someday, I'd rather borrow.Full credit will be given to the lender, at the lender's discretion. Heck, I'd even make you a character in one of our comic strips . . . wait, I'm not Penny Arcade. Okay, scratch the comic strip idea, you'll get credit.Anyway, please consider it. I'm not going to cry my eyes out or end the blog if no one offers, but no one's going to offer if I don't ask.Oh, and I'd also need to borrow the 1979 cart, Space Destroyers, too, but I probably won't get to that until May or June of 2006.Thanks.Next entry we'll start on the 1978 games for the Bally Professional Arcade.


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Judging for the lack of comments to this post, I'm guessing you had a difficult time finding those games - if you found them at all. I'll find out, eventually.


If you didn't get the games from anyone and didn't write about them, I'll have to see what I can find online. I wonder if 7 years later there's more information - and hopefully the ROMs - for those games you listed.

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