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I still want to live

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You know, no matter how hard things may seem at time, I still the desire to plug away and keep trying no matter what. I thought my life was over when I was laid off in Jan of 2004 from another company. I thought it could not go on. I had to find faith somewhere. I had to look within myself and find some answers, although some questions I feel are still unanswered. Well, I have a job I love, people I care about there and the determination to keep going. I can't say the same for my personal life, which is completely in shambles. It's been that way for a long time actually. I'm just a private person and I rarely share what's REALLY on my mind. I just feel that my personal life needs salvaging because it is bringing me down too much. I know that there are people who will read this. They have before and told me about how inspired they were. I want them to be able to see this blog again since it's the best blog I got going. I have a few others but they're crap.I want to do for my personal and social life, what I did for my professional life. I want more friends, but at the same time, people who will like me for me.

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Hey Kepone! how are things going in your life? sounds like you are quite busy! I decided to check out what is going on here at Atariage lately..... give me a email back and let me know how you are! -Brienne

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Whoa! AtariChick! Wow. Long time no see.


Kepone, this is a great blog entry. You should indeed be proud and let past experience make you a stronger person going forward. Bottom line, no matter how ba it get's, with determination and hard work iyou can turn it all around until the bad times are just a distant memory.

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