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Getting started in pixel artistry



So, I've decided to begin getting into pixel artistry as a hobby. I already managed to hit a roadblock in the fact I have numerous platforms and programs for those platforms to select from. So far my choices are:


AtariSTE - NEOChrome Master, Deluxe Paint, CyberPaint


Amiga 1200 - Deluxe Paint (probably 4 or 5), Brilliance, Photo Paint


DOS - Disney Animation Studio (own a boxed copy I got cheap off eBay), Deluxe Paint 2/DPaint Animation


Given that a lot of my art (as I get to it, some of the platforms mentioned need some restoration work and a way to transfer to/from the PC), I plan on having no more than 64 colors and keep the starting resolution at 320x200 or 320x240. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions offered.

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What's your target? All the colors in the rainbow & screen resolution won't help if your target is sprites for the 2600. Also pay attention to the output file formats the tools support. GIF is great for paletted graphics, and PNG for 24 bit, but neither is of much use if you have to go through too many conversions to get to your final output.


If you're doing animation then you will want a tool which supports that.

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