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MPP Reorganizes as Supra Corp


This event repeats every year forever

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This month in 1985, Microbits Peripheral Products (MPP), was purchased by Supra Corporation. MPP was the maker of the popular MPP1000C and MPP1000E 300 baud modems that plugged into the Atari 8 bit's joystick port. Supra would rebrand the MPP1000E modem as the Supra 300AT modem (see image below). (source: September 1985 issue of the Portland Atari Club Newsletter, page 5. This was a reprint of an Antic article, possibly from the September 1985 issue).



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These modems were widely used in the early to mid-80s. They were relatively inexpensive because they did not require a serial interface such as an Atari 850. Also, when connecting to another MPP/Supra modem, the user could jump the baud rate to 450, which was noticeably faster than 300 baud. The AMIS BBS program was widely used in the 80s in part because it had a version that supported the MPP/Supra modems.



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