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A club for all things related to AVC Online activities including,our summer show Video Game Summit, Fanzine: The Atari Gamer, and Harmony Games as well anything else about Atari

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  2. Thanks for adding our scores from yesterday, here's the video: James' (ZPH) Score (67,290): 2:34:44-2:41:03 Tanya's (ZPH) Score (36,270): 1:59:43-2:06:12 (SET VIDEO TO 1080P60 FOR FULL QUALITY)
  3. 2 scores added from 6/14/2020 ZeroPage Homebrew livestream on twitch
  4. good score yeah the demo restarts at level 1 after level 8 thats why I said up to level 8
  5. Here's what I have when the demo restarted on stage 1.
  6. Leader board scores are updated Forth and Final round has started
  7. well unfortunately you missed the deadline to be on top 10 but you still get a point for the leader board. I announce each new round at start of each month the full schedule is posted on AVC Online website on the harmony games page
  8. scores updated from ZPH (only Tayna was able to update her score). This round has officially ended, any new scores not on the scoreboard submitted will count as 1pt. This post will lock at 11:59:59 am on June 9th when round 4 begins
  9. It took me playing every night this week, but I finally broke 20k!
  10. if games are easier for to review on emulators for sure.
  11. Ok, well I'll have to do 8 bit or ST computer game reviews as I don't have and never did have the 2600 system, being more of a computer guy than a gamer :). I'm a software engineer now. I'll update you when I have my gear running. Would it be ok to do review using emulators as it's sometimes easier to screen cap and just actually get the games. Thanks
  12. game reviews any thing from 2600 -jaguar (or even Atari computers) don't worry about conventions coverage not much is going on with pandemic plus I can find other do it.
  13. Great...thanks. I am just getting my old systems up and running. I can't cover events/conventions..too much work and family. What sort of things would you like to see specifically? Thanks.
  14. no its open anybody who want to write a review or such as long it Atari releated
  15. I am just getting back into my old Atari computers and I have some home hacking/game reviews that I might want to contribute. Is it only open to industry professionals? Thanks
  16. Time to announce the forth and final game of the 2020 Harmony Games Tournament Which is Galagon which won for Best 2600 Homebrew in the 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards Play on Standard setting Difficulty switch A (No- Auto-fire) Scores only after 1st stage will be counted play up til stage 8(in the demo it only goes up to stage 8 and resets back to 1) (As there is no public release of the finished rom we are going using Version 2 that was used in in the 2019 Atari Homebrew Awards which can be found here (instructions can be found here (from Version 1 post) and here (from Version 2 post)) This round Starts June 9th,2020 at noon Central and was originally supposed to end on July 11th at 6:00 pm Central right after Video Game Summit 2020 was going to end as we planned to have copy of the cart at the show to use for a prize. but due to pandemic we canceled the show. So we extended the deadline till July 13th at 2:00 pm Central Good luck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ keebz 68,830 10pts James (ZPH) 67,290 9pts Charles Wieland 52,860 8pts Tanya (ZPH) 36,270 7pts
  17. I haven't posted about VGS 2020 since we announced it back in march, because everything was being put on hold due to Pandemic. Well here's some Bad news and some Good news in regards to the show. Bad news: Due to Pandemic, VGS 2020 at the Odeum has been canceled. Good News: in it place we are happy to announce our first virtual show being held on Facebook Live (at the Video Game summit facebook page) and on Zoom Meetings. on July 11th from 11am till 4pm and July 12th noon till 5pm. Zoom will feature Vendors and Guest in break out rooms witha time table for Vendors and Guest to be featured on the main stream thats shown on facebook live. for more check out our website http://videogamesummit.net
  18. The Atari Gamer Magazine has been put on hiatus until April 2021, We are still working for writers though see post above for what we are looking for. We are hoping for release of preview issue at Midwest Gaming Classic 2021
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