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A club for all things related to AVC Online activities including,our summer show Video Game Summit, Fanzine: The Atari Gamer, and Harmony Games as well anything else about Atari

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  2. updated leaderboard with Tanya's score that was missing
  3. thanks james I will update the scores later today,I knew she played but for got to record it no problem
  4. Hi Dan! Sorry for leaving this here but the other thread is locked. For the Knight Guy in Low Res World: Castle Days in Round 1, Tanya was able to make it to screen 10 before losing a life. This happened at 1:46:07 in the video below. You left this note on the leader board under her score: "(she might have played regular game but forgot to record the score,if we find it we will update)" - James
  5. Time to announce the third game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament Which is CannonHead Clash by bluswimmer which won for 2nd place for best <4k Original ***Doggone it by Armscar Coder won best<4k but it also won for Best Original so instead of playing it twice we are going with second place winner *** we are playing the latest rom:cannonheadclashV4.2.zip Being that we are nearing the end of the season we are going to make it harder for you : Play on the following settings: 1 player Random levels "!" Set best of wins to 4 You must win the game for score to count Ranks will be based on the number of wins computer got. Ranking is 10pts for First Place and 2pts for last place and 1pt for each after. (in case of same scores submitted rank will be based on first score submitted) an example how ranking will work is if you beat the computer and computer has 2 wins your ranking would be 8pts (10pts is only if computer has no wins) This round starts on May 8th noon Central and ends on June 6th 2:00pm Central
  6. Time to announce the Third Bonus Game of the 2021 Harmony Games Tournament which is Robot City by Thomas Jentzsch which one for best <4k game port. we playing with the latest release rom which is Robot_City_20200427_RC8.zip And we will be playing on level 4 (During the Atari Age Day interview on ZPH, Thomas mentioned this HSC and suggested using either 3 or 4, I played 3 but didn't think it would be good since we are coming to an end of the season I tried 4 and liked it so figured to use it. This round starts on may 6th at noon central and ends on June 6th at 2pm central Ranks start a 9pts for 1st place and 1pt for 9th and 10th place Good Luck!!
  7. this round will end tomorrow instead of today after that new scores submitted will be counted for 1pt on leaderboard I won't have score for this round because I can't get past screen 3
  8. tomorrow is the last day to submit for scores for ranks after that any new scores will be ranked for 1pt I did pretty good with game not as good as others 79
  9. sorry I missed adding your first score, will add you next score tomorrow
  10. Good score charles scores updated I'll play before the end of the round
  11. I'm stuck at 268. I haven't found the trick to getting past it yet.
  12. I didn't know about the super secret room 😭 I have to check that out
  13. Thanks so much Dan! 🙂 Here are the screenshots. - James JAMES O: TANYA O:
  14. Here is a starting score. 3531 I hope to get few more runs at it before 5/4.
  15. Leader board Scores after round 1 Charles Wieland and James O are tied for 1st place at total of 18 points Charles: 10 for normal game (1st place)+ 8 for Bonus game(2nd place) : 18 points James 9 for normal game(2nd place) + 9 for bonus game (1st place): 18 points Arenafoot gets second place with total of 15 points 8 for normal game (3rd place) + 6 for bonus game(4th place) :15 points Tanya gets 3rd place with total of 14 point 7 for normal game(4th place)e + 7 for bonus game (3rd place):14 points Dan I(me) gets forth place with total of 11 points 6 for normal game (5th place) + 5 for bonus game(5th place) :11 points Leaderborad get updated after each round finishes
  16. This round ended yesterday 2pm Central, all scores submitted now from April 8th 11:59:59 AM CT will count as 1 point
  17. This round ended yesterday 2pm Central, all scores submitted now from April 8th 11:59:59 AM CT will count as 1 point
  18. This is tough, but I really like playing it. 21,330
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