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  2. The PlusROM functions are using a persistent http connection. The WiFi module (ESP8266) of the PlusCart should do a reconnect if your ISP or your router drops this connection. Apparently, however, some users are disconnected in such a way that the module does not recognise this and does not reconnect. Can you test some other PlusROM games ? e.g. C.A.V.E. Apocalypse, in this game every room is loaded via PlusROM functions.
  3. First of all, congratulations for the whole PlusCart and services effort. Unique and wonderful. I started messing with it during the weekend and concentrated a bit on Beamrider. Out of my 10+ highscores, only 3 uploaded. I did a Right+Reset for some and for others I kept the 2600 on for some minutes after the score. What could I check on my side? Thank you very much
  4. should be fixed now, please delete your browser cache for the PlusStore domain (plusstore.firmaplus.de) and try again.
  5. I've also noticed this today. There's a cart I made for a friend a couple of months ago, which I registered to myself for testing, and then unregistered. It's still showing in the online page as not confirmed, and get the same not found error when clicking on the remove button.
  6. Yes, River Raid was modified by me and it was one of the first HSC games I did. As I stated in the announcement it is 1 player only:
  7. I know that I am annoying, but, I like to play. I found out that I cannot select the game variant to 2 player game in River Raid HSC PAL and NTSC. There is still game 1, when I push the select buton.
  8. It seems that another game is not reporting all the high scores in all game variants. Variants 11-15 do not report the high scores.
  9. 👍 This statistic is done by just counting the entries in the log table for a specific period of time. So, every folder or search result is a request. Loading a game is also a request (games > 32 KiB are loaded with multiple requests), downloading the offline ROMs folders from the PlusStore is done in multiple requests too. This was not so easy to implement with the log table. But I have setup a new download log so the "My Recently Played ROMs" can be generated faster for every user and for the public download statistic: Last 4 weeks All time this statistic only show the downloads from the public repository and not the downloads from the private "My ROMs" folders.
  10. I often check the statistics, it is a nice feature. I see that it is based on requests, but not on actual number of games played. How is it calculated? I think it counts the requests like game list etc, but not every game start. Would not be more accurate to just count the game load and game start?
  11. I love my PlusCart. Great 3D printed design
  12. I've got a bit of a production line going here....!
  13. Have you already updated the HSC ROMs in PlusRoms? Now the movement looks smooth.
  14. Would it be possible also to swap the joysticks? It is quite annoying always to reconnect the joystick to play the 1 player game
  15. OK, it is completely fixed, I played a couple of minutes both NTSC and PAL game HSC and no graphics issue happened. Thank you very much. edit: would it be possible also to fix non HSC versions?
  16. Cool. I haven't used that transform in any game so it shouldn't affect anything. BTW if you ever need to change the value from BCD to Binary in the game code itself than I have a blog entry on that: https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/17463-bcd-to-binary/
  17. Just saw this. It's the same problem and I don't know what I did but the roms I posted early were still off for timing. I just uploaded new roms. Please try it now as it should be fixed.
  18. I just tested. First I thought that it was fixed, but later the problem happened again, after a few minutes of playing, both on NTSC and PAL version.
  19. Thanks, I do not care about my zero scores, I just wanted to try all the variants btw, that game is really strange, cause it uses second joystick for first player.
  20. The files have been updated after your last post here. can you retest?
  21. @Wizzard I fixed the game variation for your scores that were affected by this bug.
  22. @Omegamatrix I changed the transformation from: return [ (dechex($post_array[0] - 1) + (($post_array[1] & 128 ) == 128 ) * 17), dechex($post_array[2]) ]; to: return [ (dechex($post_array[0]) - 1 + (($post_array[1] & 128 ) == 128 ) * 17), dechex($post_array[2]) ]; I think this should fix the issue with the BCD value 10 (decimal 16) sent as gamevariation
  23. I tried another game and it seems that Star Ship HSC does not report game variation 10, both normal and expert difficulty. I am not doing it on purpose, I just like to explore various variations of the games I never played before
  24. This was exactly what I noticed yesterday, but I was not sure if it is really an issue

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