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  2. Interesting phenomena, my custom diffractive grating removed all interference like a Faraday cage, makes the PlusCart menu and the games display as clear as the UnoCart. My Harmony model from 2011 has vertical interference lines which were resolved in later models, but only on some games that use more ARM overhead for the bank switching I imagine since it's not present on all games and on none of the 4K games. See the four small coils around the PlusCart doing this trick above.
  3. the link to ‘favorites’ ROMs in the PlusCart does not show all the files selected/marked as favorites in the nextcloud app. Only 5 are showing in the PlusCart, while more than 20 are marked in the Nextcloud.
  4. Just to be sure, PM me your address. It is connected to a GPIO Pin of the STM MCU and can be used in the firmware, but we don't use it (and most probably we won't us it in the future)
  5. Thanks I appreciate it. If you need my information, please let me know. What does the user button usually do?
  6. Currently I don't have any new PlusCarts in stock, but I can send you a perfectly working PlusCart with a missing user button (which we don't use in this project). So you can test with a second PlusCart.
  7. The static happen at all times, even when the WIFI module is not doing anything, like when it has vinished loading or when the game is being played.
  8. This is exactly the moment when the ESP8266 WiFi module is drawing the most current..
  9. Well then that confirms that there is an issue with your PlusCart.
  10. @splendidnut I could go with that theory except this does not happen for any other cartridge I use, including Harmony. Also, when the game loads there is also interreference. Any other regular cartridges (about 20) or Harmony and games it loads, no interreference. I would think what I would see the same static with PlusCart as with Harmony.
  11. To me, that looks like RF interference in the same frequency range as the dot/color clock (system clock). That would suggest not enough power is being provided or the power rails are noisy. Which that could be any of the following: a power supply/connection issue, a bad capacitor, a bad/dirty cartridge connection (cart or connector) OR a bad solder joint somewhere. Have either of these two systems had cap kits installed? I ask because I've run into issues similar to this with the Harmony Cart... All original games worked fine except for the Harmony cart. The issue on one of my systems was quite extreme: there were major sync/video loss issues. I ended up getting cap kits (which come with a new power connector and regulator) from console5.com for both systems, and now they work great. This is old tech, might be time for some refurbishing.
  12. This issue is showing up on two different Atari 2600. The latest video was taken with Atari 4 switch Woody hooked up by RF to Sony Tube TV. The other videos I took were taken with Vader with RCA mod hooked to modern 52" Sony HD TV. Both different Atari with different TV and hookups are showing the static. That is why I am saying I think there might be something with the PlusCart. Any other thoughts?
  13. I am also quite clueless here. I suppose to clean the cartridge slot connectors and check that they all have good contact. The PCBs I use for the DIY PlusCarts are with gold-plated plug contacts and a thicker PCB (1.6mm), so they should have better contact already, but it might still be possible that the slot contacts are dirty and there is a higher contact resistance. If cleaning the slot contacts doesn't solve the problem the next steps would be to check the caps and the voltage regulator circuit of the VCS. The PlusCart draws slightly more power than ordinary cartridges, so problems in the VCS power circuit might show up first when using the PlusCart.
  14. Hi @vinniet Sorry you are having problems. I'm pretty certain this is not the PlusCart; here's my reasoning... That's a still-frame from your video. We can see that as the (+) is being drawn (so the RAM code which is running at this point) is working correctly. Even though we see complete warp-age of the logo at the base. There's no way the PlusCart is doing this - this is a TV signal problem. It's a very small bit of code, and the PlusCart itself is away doing 'net communications anyway. It's not a software problem 100% certain. So, that leaves hardware. Now I don't know enough about what goes wrong with '2600 hardware, but capacitors are known to fail when the machine gets to this age. And I do believe video can be affected significantly. Also, there are mechanical issues possible with the RF unit, or the RF cable itself. Have you tried the PlusCart on another '2600 unit? With a different RF cable? Because, at this stage I don't suspect the PlusCart is the issue, I think the only way to test this for sure is to try another '2600 unit, or less conclusively different carts on this unit. But again, I can't see how PlusCart hardware can do this, unless perhaps your cart slot is full of debris and your'e getting some sort of weird short in there. Let's see what @Al_Nafuur has to say.
  15. @Andrew Davie @Al_Nafuur I think I have to come to some conclusion there might be problem with my PlusCart. I obtained Sony VEGA 24" tube TV that works perfectly. I have hooked up Atari 2600 via antenna and still getting static and popping noise like before. Enclosed is the video of the issue. Let me know if you think PlusCart is defective. PXL_20210407_155245687.mp4
  16. after you erased flash sector 1 with the STM32CubeProgrammer you have to use "Setup" -> "Search for Offline ROMs" to detect the downloaded Offline ROMs again.
  17. I have been setting up offline roms for the last few weeks, so thats probably when it happened. Thanks.
  18. seems like the user settings eprom-emulation area has been messed up by one of the draft versions before v2.0.17. This might have happened while downloading offline ROMs with draft. We should add a new menu entry in "Setup" to erase the user setting flash area. For now you only can delete the flash sector 1 with the STM32CubeProgrammer: or re-flash the whole firmware.
  19. hmmm, just tested on both my carts with 2.0.17 and they saved both Pal and Pal60 after multiple cold boots.
  20. Video mode keeps resetting back to NTSC after every cold boot. Font settings are ok. Working on another cart with 1.1 firmware. Tested on 7800 and 2600, same on both.
  21. You have to push the left joystick to the right (and hold it) and then press reset on the VCS.
  22. I cannot seem to get the Reset Emulation to work. I assume it means I can exit the current game and get back to the PlusCart main menu without powercycle. I hold fire on right joystick and press Game Reset (right most switch) and it just resets the game. I have tried this on bunch and nothing happens but restart game. Am I doing something wrong or do I have the meaning wrong on what it does? UPDATE OH I read another post and I got it. Use Left joystick and press right and press Game reset. Such awesome feature.
  23. No reason to wait, you say? Okay sounds great! I'll see if I can still get one. Thanks!
  24. Thanks for that informative explanation. I was less concerned for the font and more on the static. I understand like Harmony, PlusCart are doing something 2600 was not designed for. The static shows up not only in the menu but in the games also. When I put that same game cart I own in, that does not happen.
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