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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.

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  3. Im cleaning up my server a few weeks back and just got to it today. Working with Mark to piece it together now..
  4. This is pretty amazing news. How did you manage to find it?
  5. Located Bob Puff's - Puff BBS - once thought lost but now found as part of the restoration through the Southern Amis projects. Have not started the build but the files look complete and included all the ATR's, some maybe duplicate but for the sake of providing a complete set of files have attached everything available. If you have questions or start the process of working the files, let us know here and on southernamis.ddns.net:23 or email [email protected] for support Couple of other programs now loaded on the BBS and website at southernamis.com download section. Yes JP - the full version of BaudVille is up on the bbs and site for your baudy Bits... This one is a real treasure! PuffBBS.atr.zip
  6. Whew. Good thing AtariAge doesn’t delete anything. I couldn’t find where the file went. I knew I sent it around and sure enough I made an atr of it years ago. Attached is it. let me know if anything comes of it. thanks. MSGBASE.atr
  7. Amis is working on getting a copy of xl on southern amis. When I get a copy of it I will see what I can extract. However, I believe his is the Corvus hard drive version so I don’t know exactly what all was changed as far as disk I/o on that version. So I don’t if I will Be able to get it to read the file. But I’ll give it a shot. I know I tried it with that copy of PhoReM I recovered from My download disks but it required basic xe. Didn’t have one of those so I tried it with Altirra and it didn’t really work. Maybe now that I have an ultimate cart I will revisit PhoReM as well.
  8. Didn't AMIS give you a copy of FoReM XL? If so, why not install the BBS and see if it can read that message base file? Looking at old messages is like opening up a time capsule. When I recovered a bunch of old message bases, I was a little embarassed by how young, dumb, and immature some of my posts were. But then again, I was in high school so it was par for the course! I have recovered message bases from the late 80s and early 90s on the Basement and Part-Time BBSs. You can also see some of them online at the following link: http://basementbbs.ddns.net:7000/basement-msgs/index.html -JP
  9. I have one message base recovered. I asked a lot of people to figure out what it is from no one could figure it out, however, I am now confident it was a FoReM xl message base. I looked at it in a text editor, clearly there isn’t any ground breaking messages in there but I would like to recover it. I thought I had an extracted copy somewhere on my bbs pc but I can’t find it so when I get a chance I will put the floppy in and extract it and post it here. To see if anyone can extract the messages in a readable form. -Craig
  10. Last year, someone put up a CBBS called CBBS/NV. It includes some old messages from Ward Christensen. Telnet to cbbs.mitsaltair.com:8800 or call 702-216-6148 to access CBBS/NV. More information is available at the following link: https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/cbbs-nv/
  11. Well now what I did because my one ISP was giving me hassles, I moved everything over to our new ISP (for streaming and Video conferences.. better band width) but this ISP seems to put restrictions on what you can do.. nothing is easy anymore.
  12. You're dmzing to the Lantronix? Sorry, I would have suggested that earlier but I assumed since you had the BBS working before that it was already taken care of.
  13. OK, seems to be also now an issue with PORT FWDING with my HITRON 4582 modem. SO not sure if the BBS software is even getting the chance to answer at the moment. WOW.. I have DMZ I have downed the Firewall, nothing gets through. James
  14. Sorry, my point was not the correct line syntax, it was that the Lantronix UDS will only accept 1 command at a time.. NOT a string. James
  15. So what happened to JP and Triads is exactly what I was getting. I have found another issue, I can edit the INIT string.. the issue is.. the UDS-10 will not take a STRING.. it will only accept individual commands.. SO I cannot put ATS0=0,v=1,E=1 THose are the things that the BBS software says it needs.. NOW the UDS-10 does understand all those commands.. but it will only accept them one at a time. James
  16. Yeah, I never had FoReM XL or XE, just the plain old one. I never got a Basic XE or XL cart until much later in life.
  17. When you say no one can connect remote, do you mean that you can connect from inside your network, or just only on the console?
  18. Unable to connect to BBS, modem connection seems fine.
  19. The Lantronix devices do not implement the entire Hayes command set. You should check the manual to see if these AT commands are supported. Does Foresight allow you to edit the modem init string? If so, maybe there is something else you could use. -JP Edit: I just tried your BBS just now. It connects but nothing happens.
  20. The first version of FoReM was derived from AMIS. However, later versions, such as FoReM XL and FoReM XE were "rewrites". -JP
  21. If anyone has time, I would appreciate if you would attempt to login. bikerbobsclubhouse.ddns.net,10001 I get it to connect, but no login, no idea why.. what its waiting for.. whats missing. Any ideas? James
  22. Well I have ForeSight up and running really well.. except no one can connect remote. I cannot seem to figure out what the issue is. ForeSight wants ATS0=0 so that there is no auto answer. IT wants the RING~ It wants ATV=1 so that it gets the Full responses. I have those set. I THINK. But I am not getting any joy. James
  23. I think a lot derived from FoReM just as a lot of the earlier ones derived from AMIS. I know I played with it as a base for a BBS program I wanted to work on (in gradeschool/high school so ... not much came of it). But the window at the top was something I played with for awhile.
  24. So, now we also have something called Celerity that may have been a FoReM derivative. Very interesting.
  25. With traditional modems, the two modem speeds need to match. When the BBS uses a Hayes compatible modem, the BBS modem will adjust its baud rate to the caller's modem during the modem answer handhsake (e.g., when the BBS issues an ATA command). This is not the case when you have an Internet between the caller and BBS. Instead, the baud rate on the BBS side only affects the speed that the BBS will transmit data. The baud rate on the caller side only affects the speed that it will read data from the Internet. On the Basement BBS, I lock the baud rate at 9600. I could lock it at 19.2K, but you don't see the BBS' ATASCII animation at that speed (it's all over if you blink). So, I lock the BBS' baud rate at 9600 baud. That means if someone logs on at 19.2K on their end, their effective baud rate is only 9600 baud. However, if they log on at 2400 baud rate, then their effective baud rate is 2400. This should also be the case with BBSs that use Lantronix boxes. Try logging into SFHQ and/or Dark Force at different baud rates. Both BBSs use Lantronix boxes. You will see that the connection works at a variety of baud rates. To answer your other question...the Fujinet baud rate issue turned out to be a limitation of Mydos. Bobterm + Mydos + Fujinet can only use speeds up to 4800 baud. If you use Bobterm + SpartaDos + Fujinet, you can get up to 19.2K baud. -JP
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