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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.

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  2. I had nothing but problems trying to set it to STATIC... So I don't know if this is an option for you on your router, but I just simply told my network to assign it a specific IP address. It's still considered DHCP, but if the device with that specific MAC address tries to get an IP, it gets that specific one, every time, and I did my port forwarding based on that. Seems to work like a champ. The rest of it..... Hmmmmm.... Maybe instead of back and forthing, we can set up a specific day this week (after working hours of course) to take a look at it?
  3. Glad to hear you got yours working... what was the issue? I'll be sure to try again. I seem to have had bad luck lately as every time I tried, it didn't connect.
  4. All the BBS's were quiet last week. Hell, I missed a few days on Basement and the main message base only had 35 messages! Did it go down or something? Speaking of Down... I took SFHQ down Thursday when we had a thunder storm roll in... I was going to do a few things before firing it back up (like put the case back together since it's still in pieces) but got busy with work and then every time I went to put it back up.... another storm. Gotta love NE Ohio weather. So I'll work on that tonight hopefully (or considering it was a bad day at work, I might just kick a few Mike's back and be done with it).
  5. Okay. I've been playing with the WiModem 232 and DarkForce. Things are not going well so far. Well, sort of yes, but sort of no. First off, I do have it to the point where it will connect. I set it up on the duplicate DarkForce on my Mega STe and have been experimenting with it there. Next, after setting it to a static network, it lost connection with my router (red LED). So I double checked the settings, all good there. I finally just ran WPS again and it reconnected. So far so good. Until I turn the WiModem off. Then it fails to find the router again. WPS again, successful. WiModem off, fails to connect when you turn it back on. I also tried entering the router with AT*N1,passphrase and that worked as far as the connection being successful, but just as soon as you power it off, same thing. I did do a AT&W for saving after and it still didn't make a difference either. <Shrugs> Anyway, it will connect with it set to either telnet or raw, port 520. I was using SyncTerm for this, btw. The problem is, it acts just like the UDS-10 did when I had it set to raw mode. There's no <return> when you login, it goes straight to the rest of the login process. I could handle that, no big deal. However, once you're logged in, strange things happen. For example, the E-mail bomb program, if accessed will not accept option 5 to exit. It just sits there. Also, if you go into the download section (which is a big part of this experiment and switching to the WiModem), you get as far as one of the download areas and from there, it won't accept any key choice except Q to quit. If you press B to look at the files, it just tells you NONE as if you pressed the option to check for new files. Same thing with C for a catalog listing. It says NONE again. It will let you quit out to the main menu at least. Also, it fails to disconnect. DarkForce goes back to it's login waiting screen but SyncTerm is setting as if it's ready to login again. I had to alt-z for the menu and force a disconnect. As I said, I tried this with the WiModem 232 set to both raw and telnet, and Syncterm accordingly. Neither option made a difference. So if there's not some setting for the WiModem that will address this behavior, I guess I won't be switching from the UDS-10. I read the PDF from top to bottom but couldn't find anything that seems to fit this situation. Fully open to suggestions, thoughts, ideas, etc, at this point...
  6. that got sidetracked, as I was very frustrated with my own modem.. so I fixed it.. YES it is fixed now.. SO I have to get back to trying the bbs with the WImodem232 The UDS 10 for the most part seems to be working fine. I see people logging on again.. it was very quiet last week. James
  7. Ugh... I was going to make a comment... but... well... I mean, if Harry Potter was all that was on TV.... And technically, what we do with BBSing is a "Hobby" (though some days I'm asking where the F is my paycheck?) I never really looked at it that much yet. I know there is a C++ compiler for MiNT. So I'm guessing it "might" work with enough effort. But whether that effort would be better or worse than just re-writing it from the ground up? Hard to tell. /s
  8. Heh. Actually did that late one night *while* on vacation and everyone else was asleep. Strategy ! Besides that, the DirecTV in the unit we were in was running a Harry Potter marathon. PS I wonder if anyone has tried to use it with (Atari) MINT? Is that doable? Danged if that wouldn't be something if it would work. (yeah, I know, probably not)... PSS Oh - yeah - I'm back. Got back about 2 hours ago...
  9. So I guess you're back from vacation? Welcome back, and thanks for doing the Linux Legwork. Might be doing that with Mint (Linux Mint, not MiNT) soon.
  10. Just wanted to report that I finally got around to downloading the version of SyncTerm for Linux and successfully installed it under Kubuntu Linux on my laptop. I did have to download a couple of libraries (libcurses x something) that weren't already installed under my setup but after that, it was the usual sudo make, sudo make install song and dance. I did use this website for reference: https://www.erb.pw/how-to-install-syncterm-for-linux-from-source/ Hope this helps any fellow 'Nix users out there.
  11. No, I'm more a fan of the shirtless sleeves. I don't need any more boxes. /s
  12. Next time I need to order jewel cases I will Be sure to have it sent to his house and he can repackage them in a regular box and send it on to me and he can keep the box. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  13. You should have offered it to Tillek! I think he would have given you cash for it! -JP
  14. well I am going to try and set it up tonight. wish me luck! James
  15. Hate to break this bad news to you all but I sent my sleeve city box for recycling. I know how you guys loved that box.
  16. Glad you've got some well deserved free time TIllek. Adding to what I posted above, I did manage to considerably upgrade the Mega ST4 that runs my BBS. I added an audio mod so that I can leave the monitor off and still hear caller requests to talk to the SysOp. I added the STorm ST and Cloudy decoder card, adding 8 megs of FAST RAM, as well as taking it up to TOS v2.06, switchable with EmuTOS. I love this machine and these upgrades only added to it's allure for me, as well as enhancing it towards it's primary use as a BBS... Next up, after I return from vacation, is experimenting with switching from the Lantronix UDS-10 to the WiModem 232.
  17. Somewhere, Jim is silently cheering this message thread on...
  18. What? You don't think that the SysOp of The DarkForce! BBS is a hard working person? After being forced to deal with some callers all year <cough> he deserves a vacation!
  19. Yeah, I have to echo that... It seems recently, all the time is going towards fixing everyones "issues". Between the WiModem 232 migration (both A8's and STs) and getting some of these BBS's up and running.... I was dealing with issues with SFHQ and getting TVAG back up. Now that I have that done and a little vacation time for the first time in a year, I'm organizing some stuff around the apartment and working on all the things I've had to put off all this time. At least for me, I've been able to get a little more momentum going on these "necessary" projects that need to happen and now I'm working on more of the "fun" stuff.
  20. I thought vacations were for the hard working folk.
  21. Ah-ha! Planning on funding Jim's early retirement, are we!?
  22. Thanks all! I'm sitting on a beach at beautiful Siesta Key now but when I get back I'll try all this stuff. Good times!
  23. I think there's been quite a bit of activity. Lots of us are working on switching to the WiModem 232, and making it a standard. BikerBobs' Forem ST based BBS is up and running. Lots of stuff really.
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