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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.

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  2. Check out my BBS. Browse Area #2. There is a nice download there if you fear outsiders. :)
  3. I bought 2 of those Vonets wifi bridges on ebay.. neither worked.. stopped trying. James
  4. Has anyone recently got any BBS software to work with a modem on Steem, I can get Forem ST to run and even recognise that there is a com port there but beyond that.... Russ
  5. I like it. In case you haven't thought about it yet...I suggest you add a date when the listing was generated. -JP
  6. Just a teaser for now... I'll post more tomorrow. Header Footer Middle More tomorrow.
  7. On July 30, 2019, the SysOp of SFHQ BBS announced that it is back online.
  8. Long story short, SFHQ BBS is back up after a bit of a long road. It will probably be down again during the day tomorrow as we're expecting storms in the afternoon while I'm at work (though yesterday's and today's storms didn't seem to ever show up, but I'll be damned if I lose my TT030 the day after I put it back up). bbs.sfhqbbs.org port 5983 I was able to recover the latest from the drive, so there was no data loss. I'll be posting more in the BBS Club in a few days after I'm sure things are working ok.
  9. FoReM XE Professional BBS, also known as FoReM XEP BBS, is a total re-write of the FoReM XE BBS. Written by Len Spencer, FoReM XEP is a commercial BBS program. The last revision, version 5.4, was released on this day, January 5th, in 1993 (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Questions by Michael Current). FoReM XEP requires the BASIC XE cartridge from OSS/ICD, SpartaDos 3.2, and at least 500K of storage.
  10. Do you need to set up STING with Forem ST to get it to work properly with a UDS - 10. I can call out no problem at 115200 Baud with my UDS 10 and TAZ but with it set at 19200 or 9600 and all of the port forwarding set up right thanks to DOC , but calling in is a no go, maybe sometime DOC if you are not too busy, you can look at my setup. I would like to get it running, its is properly forwarded from port 1989 and the ip is set right for the UDS - 10. I may set it up with the modem until I get the UDS-10 setup working right, I know how to set the modem to 19200 I will try that first and see if it connects that way. Russ
  11. On this day, September 2nd, in 1985, FoReM XE BBS software is released. FoReM XE, developed by Matthew Singer, is an Atari 8-bit BBS written in the BASIC XE programming language. Previous versions of FoReM were written in BASIC XL and Atari Basic (see the Atari Frequently Asked Questions by Michael Current for a list of versions). FoReM XE is in the public domain. One of its noteworthy features is its ability to import and export messages from BBS Express Pro! systems.
  12. Thanks, its my fault I thought it applied to backing up a BBS but I will repost in another area... you are right to do that Tillek.
  13. Ok.... sorry to play the heavy here, but this topic is getting off topic..... (and hey, I'm to blame a bit too). But posting pictures of CF adapters and talking about hooking up tape drives to real hardware is off topic when the "topic" is testing BBS software on emulators. Now I did move the post about the Ditto tape drive to actual hardware is fine... just not having anything to do with BBS software running on emulators..... Wasn't sure what the CF adapter post was all about, so I deleted that one just because I really wasn't sure what the "title" of the new topic would be? (So feel free to re-post it.... I just didn't get where you were going with it). I do want to explain though... and I know I didn't make this really really clear, so that's on me... but the whole point of creating this club is to help consolidate information and make it easy to access for people interested in BBSing. There are tons of topics on AtariAge and elsewhere that it can be so hard for new people to try to find the answers they're looking for... so one goal is to try to keep things organized. So as I said, I moved the message about the tape drive, and I hope we can help Russ figure that out (I honestly never tried hooking something like that up to Atari hardware) and please feel free to repost about the CF adapter (just not in the BBS running on emulation topic)
  14. This would apply to this thread, I just got a Ditto Tape drive with power supply , 8 Gig cartridge , etc, it appears to be serial, at least Don siad it migh be , but I am suspecting parallel , does anyone know of any way to plug it into Atari Hardware? it would be used for a BBS (maybe not by me but someone a I am sticking with the ST for my BBS, I am simply NOT changing my mind any more, its Forem ST with a Mega ST4 and a Lantronics device), incidently I am having problems getting it to recognise it.... I had it running them suddenly, nothing , anyone else had this experience? Edit: The Ditto drive is basically useless , anyone want it? What I do have is CF adapters, I have a few of them with CF cards.
  15. Yes I have , the problem is the same wth anything hooked up to the serial ports, it will not recognise the modem , or even bring it online, only one light on the modem lights up when running either Forem ST, Flash etc, so it will be all the same. I am sure there is a solution, I am not sure about a Lantronics device, I will try it tonight it just may work. Oh you are talking 8 Bit I just noticed, I have tried that a bit too , when I was doing was running modems under STEEM. I would say try Xformer 10 for 8 bit it is the latest, give it a shot, I will too..... Russ
  16. I’ve pondered trying RATSoft in an emulator.. if anyone has experience in attempting same please comment.
  17. Funny... I found the software via google and didnt even remember the mention here.. i’m Getting old, and i drink too much beer. :) doesnt look like anything terribly special - but what a gem to find another (to me) completely unknown bbs software for the 8bit.. leaves me feeling like I always have - that there is plenty left to be found in the way of BBS/term/hacking/phreaking/diskxfer type apps as lots of it was regional... <3
  18. On this day, July 20th, in 2017, Alcatraz BBS returned online. Alcatraz BBS had been offline for about 28 years prior to its resurrection. You can telnet to Alcatraz BBS at the following address: alcatrazbbs.ddns.net, port 9000. Some Alcatraz BBS Atascii screen shots are available here, here, and here.
  19. I am going to post this here as its a hot topic, has anyone got a real modem to work ether under Steem 3.2 or Steem SSE If so just what have I got to do to get Steem to recognise the modem ? I have tried everything including running Forem ST under Steem 3.2 It seems to see a modem but maybe my settings in Windows are wrong
  20. Sorry, but I don't pay attention to the [S]hit of [T]ramiel Commie types. Lorraine is hot, though. :)
  21. I am still seeding it. Did any of you guys get it all yet?
  22. He was wrong , what he scrapped was NOT Multiplexers, can someone give me an idea of what a multiplexer is , ie; pictures, specs, etc? Don says he has RS232 switch boxes that can run up to 16 machines, is that what we are talking about here ? Or are we talking cards for the PC , PCI, ISA, etc..... Russ PS: Get back to me before Thursday, that is when I am going over to get them.
  23. Yes new Lightings.. and I am ordering 2.. one for a buddy. I dont think its the early version.. I have been told it has been updated. OH they are also coming out with a lighting you can put in ANY ST! kind of cool. The microCosmosEX stand alone outside the machine.. but you have to get in for the IKD so I tend not to move it to the ST.. (have to open the case) with the MSTE I just intercept the keyboard plug. James
  24. Ya I have him on the lookout for another one and it was on the back of my mind when before he scrapped it, I could have asked him in hindsight and I would have got it for cheap. Oh well, and yes Tillek, I am at a tossup between running an 8 bit BBS or an ST BBS, but one thing is for sure , I want to do something that nobody has done before, and with me literally sitting on 8 systems, its confusing at times, the old question of 'What am I going to do today, 100 projects and so little time to do them in, I mean I have 12 hours a day to devote to Atari, I am retired, and not many users have that kind of time. And I do devote that much time to Atari, let me tell you, I have an Atari Portfolio with all of the hardware needed, and Atari 600xl that has been upgraded , an Atari Mega ST4 that I barely use now that the 8 Bit system has hooked me, 2 laptops, 2 desktops and a P233 tower that i use for a card reader for my Atari Portfolio, top it all off, I write software for all of those systems. Russ
  25. That's really a shame. I would love to get my hands on an 8-system setup. Maybe someone will work on something like that instead of "yet another drive/storage emulator". "Oh, but this one is blue and you can control it with your dishwasher!"
  26. Which CosmosEx do you have again? I can move mine from machine to machine at will. Are the new Lightnings available for order yet? Need to pick up one more once they have the new design. Just gonna tell you now, if you get the old version of the Lightning, I didn't enjoy installing it on my MSTE. I got it installed... the machine works (haven't actually tried doing anything with it yet though).
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