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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.

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  2. Bill Metcalfe, co-owner of @ircular Logic, passed away on May 6, 2020. He was 62. Bill, along with co-owner Tom McComb, created several popular games for the Atari 8 bit computer in the 80s and early 90s. These games ran under the BBS Express Pro! Bulletin Board System Software. Bill and Tom marketed these games under the company name @ircular Logic. Their catalog includes "Nebula Elite" which was an intense multiplayer space empire game. They also created an earlier version of the game called "Nebula". Other games include ZSS Express (a space adventure game), Chess, Reversi (an Othello like game), SeaWar (a Battleship like game), TACTX (an army simulation game), and Gotcha (a paintball simulation game). @ircular Logic games were written in the Action! programming language and featured Artificial Intelligence (AI) that was quite impressive for games running on a 64K 8-bit computer. BBS users could play against other BBS users or against the Atari computer. Atari was no slouch as an opponent thanks to the well written AI algorithms in these games. @ircular Logic also released a "Life Expectancy" module and an amusing SysOp Secretary module which would answer SysOp pages, chat with the caller, and take a message for the SysOp. Bill will certainly be missed, but the games he created with Tom will live on. There are still at least three BBSs that have one or more of @ircular Logic games that callers can play: The Basement BBS (telnet: basementbbs.loginto.me:9000) Boot Factory 2K (telnet: bfbbs.no-ip.com:8888) Part-Time BBS (telnet: ptbbs.loginto.me:8000)
  3. Went the Ubiquiti Unifi route. Security Gateway, CloudKey Gen2+, 24 port hub, NannoHD Wireless Access Point.... all new cabling. Works pretty well actually.
  4. Welcome Back! What did you have to get for the network that set you back $800? -JP
  5. Just to let everyone know that I finally got the new network setup working ($800 later)... SFHQ is back up and I also started updating the verifications on the bbs list.
  6. BTW, no idea how many times I did try it, or if it was me changing some setting to something that allowed this to work.. but the specific setting that allowed the UDS-10(0) to work was connect D6 and Disconnect 81.. no other combo worked. James
  7. So I get them working .. both the UDS-10 and the UDS-100.. and then decide it would be cool to see the Amiga on the BBSs .. so plug it into the Amiga and the main power CAP on the UDS-100 blows... Guess it was an Atari only device.. CRAP!! $2 Cap.. I cant buy anywhere right now local.. Either wait or figure out something else to add to an order to Digikey.. There is 5x mss-100 on ebay right now for $100 for the Lot.. maybe I do that.. and then have some to sell off later to get people into BBSing James
  8. So I have 3 devices. 2 UDS and 1 MSS - MSS seems to work fine as far as I can tell. Both UDS have the same issue on 4 different systems now. 8-bit Atari 16-bit Atari (2) and Dell D610 laptop with real serial port. It is DDUUPPLLICACATTIINNGG every character I type.. BUT - I am pretty sure I only see it on my end.. because I was able to log on to Alcatraz .. now any of JPs boards no.. but Alcatraz accepted my name and password and in the menu system as well.. I have factory reset everything many times.. ATE and ATV I cant see having any positive effect because then I dont see what I am doing.. but I could try ATE0 Connection I have tried 56 and D6 Disconnect I have tried C1 and 81 But both devices going bad the same way??? Also there was different serial cables (MSS nullmodem) involved so it is not the cabling. pretty much out of ideas. James
  9. Changing those settings did not work. The terminal I tried was an old VT52 terminal with DeskCart! .. it works.. I get the double character. So try a different software next. James
  10. If DarkLord's settings work for you, then please post them here. For what it's worth: I use my Lantronix UDS-10 on both the Atari 8 bit and Atari 16 bit. I don't have to change UDS-10 settings between the two computers. But of course, use whatever works for you and share it here. -JP
  11. So I know that John's guide is for 8-bit and I am doing this on 16bit. above is supposed to say on 56 now. So DarkLord sent me his setup by email. going to try that tonight. see where that gets me. REALLY I want this to run a BBS.. so the setup for the 10 more than anything is for receiving. not calling. James
  12. ok playing with this again. UDS-10 on an MEGAST2 working - BUT getting the double characters again. Dark Lord - Ron, says connection mode D6 you say 56 in your setup guide.. I am not 56 now.. will try D6 James
  13. Yeah, it was real. You can still see some of it on the Basement BBS today. I made some modifications to BBS Express Pro! to support it. In fact, when I first brought the BBS back online in 2017, it still had the random disconnect encounter. I felt bad when I watched one of my first users in 2017 logon and get disconnected right away. So, I removed it. Some things were funnier when we were immature high schoolers back in the day. -JP
  14. I spoke too soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This looks NICE!
  15. And yea - no hope of finding this one based on the text.. Sounds like it was definitely a one off.. Would love to at least know what it was based on (if anything).... My bbs running days started in Fern Park, Fl in 1984 with the arrival of my first MPP 1000E modem. I my bbs started with OASIS, Then FoReM, FoReMXe, then a homebrew of IRD_BBS. IRD_BBS was a co-operative effort between me, James Tackett (The Ring Bearer, of the Realm of the Ring BBS) and Jon Taylor (The Stainless Steel Rat, of the DiskBank BBS). (from: https://www.goto10.fr/stories/bought-80.txt)
  16. wow all excellent stuff JP!!!!! Was that prank thing a real deal? did it truly cut someone off on their next logon? What bbs software was that running under? ONE of my favorite parts about dialing around the world was being able to download new BBS programs (go figure from all my posts lol) as well as hacking/phreaking programs.. Sure I warezed games some but i was MUCH more into bbs software and the darker alleys of computers/telephones more than I was games. To get all of the disks that the secret service took from me in 1994 would be a dream come true. Sigh....
  17. just after jason scott released the bbs documentary - so early 2000's i think...
  18. How old is that file? Maybe someone can track that person down and ask if they still have FoReM PC.
  19. Lots of people talk about it - but it is NOWHERE to be found... I put up a part-time BBS on the Kaypro running TBBS. Later, with a hot 386, a screaming 2400 bps modem, and a dedicated line, Minority BBS came to life running FoReM PC (a ported Atari BBS package), and later Synchronet. (from https://www.goto10.fr/stories/bought-80.txt)
  20. LOVE this stuff... Seeing the file listings makes me swoon... Too bad its not 8bit stuff, but still awesome.... https://defacto2.net/f/a53053
  21. Do you know if the software is still available on the net?. Iwould like to check those effects if possible while telnetting some bbs. Thanks in advance!!!
  22. Here's an interesting BBSing website. It has a lot of information on current telnet based BBSs. As of this wrting, there's 1,693 verified BBSs worldwide! 962 of those BBSs are based in the U.S. https://www.ipingthereforeiam.com/bbs/ -JP
  23. I think I have everything working again John.. I have put it away, and I dont remember any issues when it was put away.. I have been dealing with my STs.. selling and re-arranging.. I have not done any hardware bbs stuff since.. I will get back to it though!! Have to get my bbs up and running.. I hope Starfeet gets back up.. I miss it. James
  24. Around this time in 1989 the BB/ST Bulletin Board Software by Steve Grimm for the Atari ST was released. The software was published by Quantum Microsystems Incorporated and retailed for $49.95. A review of the software is available here.
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