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A club for those interested in Atari classic BBSing, 8-bit or ST/TT/Falcon, running or calling, how-to's as well as general discussion.

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  2. Spy Visits Spy BBS is back up and it is supporting Atari files plus many more. Located at spyvisitsspybbs.ddns.net port 23, supports all Atari files, plus many more. Online games will be my specialty, as soon as I figure out batch files for DOS games. Running on a Dell PC with 8 GIGs memory, 3 TBs hard drive space and 16 nodes, using Wildcat 5.0443 as I no longer have any Atari equipment except for my Atari Portfolio stuff, it is still in my possession but not being used much any more.
  3. I think I have everything working again John.. I have put it away, and I dont remember any issues when it was put away.. I have been dealing with my STs.. selling and re-arranging.. I have not done any hardware bbs stuff since.. I will get back to it though!! Have to get my bbs up and running.. I hope Starfeet gets back up.. I miss it. James
  4. Around this time in 1989 the BB/ST Bulletin Board Software by Steve Grimm for the Atari ST was released. The software was published by Quantum Microsystems Incorporated and retailed for $49.95. A review of the software is available here.
  5. On this day in 2019, Randy Suess, co-inventor of the Computer Bulletin Board System passes away at age 74. Randy created the BBS with his friend, Ward Christensen, in January 1978 during a blizard in Chicago, Illinois.
  6. Attached is an early article on Atari Pirate BBSs in the Cleveland, Ohio area (article is split between two pdf files). I remember opening up our Sunday paper and seeing this article back in the day (August 4, 1985 to be exact). I knew some of these guys from school and from the BBS scene. I remember they got busted by the Feds a few days after the story ran. I believe the Feds were able to read a phone number off the telephone in the photo and trace it back to the individual in the photo. I also remember those who weren't with Atari had no idea what a "happy disk" is (recall that this refers to the "Happy Drive" disk drive enhancement that allows you to copy just about anything). I remember one non-Atari user asking me "what the hell's a happy disk?" As you can imagine that caused all kinds of heckling on rival Commodore 64 boards. api-page1.pdf api-page2.pdf
  7. Here's a link to a newspaper article on the Cleveland Freenet's closure: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/16223185/cleveland_freenet_closes/
  8. I know I know....just very exciting every time I find mention of something new!!! Makes me wanna keep digging!!
  9. That really does sound very interesting... Unfortunately we didn't have much of anything interesting like that in the Akron area growing up.... Especially not for the Atari. Twas lonely times for the followers of the Fuji.
  10. Obviously XETERM and a few others showed the data as it flowed - but I definitely remember a “warez trading” app that sounds similar to what the above individual is talking about.... Man - the stuff that still lurks on dusty 5.25’s that are dying minute by minute.... ughhhhhhh.
  11. Makes my mouth water because I swear I *remember* mention of this in the pirate circles back in the day.... And here someone else brings it up...
  12. yea.. even partial bits of code from those would be awesome.. but yea it would be great to see new releases for sure!
  13. I'm the guy that has dfunct.net, but I'm not Swedish. I think you got me and /u/tsangberg mixed up. He did used to run the Swedish Ratsoft support board back in the '90s. I'm sure most, if not all of the Ratsoft files I have came from, or through, his board at some point. I know he is around on Atari-Forum, but I'm unsure if he's around here. I'd be surprised if he wasn't though. Steve Hughey, the author of Ratsoft, found me through Reddit a while back. Last I talked to him he had an Atari system set back up and he was going through the source code he was able to find. He was fixing a date bug and was looking at some fixes for running under Hatari. From what he mentioned, Ratsoft/XE was never released. He only used it for his own board. It sounds like Ratsoft/PC was planned, but never finished. It would also seem that any code for XE and PC are lost to the ages now. It's a bummer for XE and PC to be lost, but there's a decent chance that we'll see a newer release of Ratsoft/ST! Keep your fingers crossed!
  14. well I will say this.. this ForeSight bbs is very much a polished product .. despite the fact that it did not get out of Beta. It was also developed late in the 90s. which leads it to have many more features and stylings like those of the very popular commercial bbs' for the PC like Mustang and Syncronet etc. In fact I would say there are almost too many features.. it makes it confusing. Todays use of the BBS is as a fun diversion, all the crazy networking, and message options are cool when you are trying to keep someones interest as opposed to them calling a PC board or going on the net.. but today.. too much. James
  15. any chance we could get a sticky for "Lost BBS Software"? I know we've come up with several titles in the main forum (or is it here?) of software thats been verified to exist but thus far not located... I'm going to put a list like that together to put on wardialers.org - but my site gets barely any traffic compared to this one.... just a thought..
  16. I absolutely LOVED freeze dried terminal.. I wonder if the other products were as neat as it was...?
  17. pretty decent site.. such a shame that there isnt a more organized directory of sites like this...google only gets you so far lol.
  18. Ah... Always wondered who ran that. I'd love to find some other Ratsoft treasure troves.
  19. cool.. im talking to the swedish beta tester for ratsoft on reddit.. im sure he is here too.. will find out. its the guy that runs the "defunct" website that hosts all the ratsoft files.... cool stuff.
  20. We were emailing back and forth and then we got busy. Haven't heard from him in a bit. Ill send him something when I get home from work and I'll be sure to include asking about those versions for you.
  21. whatever happened with the ratsoft author? i'd still like to get more information regarding RatsoftXE and RatsoftPC....
  22. Yeah.. Got Foresight up and running.. but I cannot connect even locally because it wants to take the modem off the hook and of course I have no modem connected to the STEEM EMU. Its a pretty good looking BBS - lots in place.. apparently really easy to install lots of DOOR games.. Menus I can create in 4-5 different graphics formats.. I can also have up to 9 different screens per menu so that it will use a random screen each time you access the menu.. kind of cool. Some of the instructions were sparse.. for example you use the Function keys to change pages or exit certain programs in setting up the bbs.. but no where is that mentioned.. I just started pressing keys and figured it out. used as an .ACC an ANSI font is installed for use in the bbs - so that the menus and screens on the SYSOP side look good. Interesting, and it does look better for sure. Brian Hauer TSO software I contacted through twitter.. he says he gave someone the SOURCE.. but I have not found it anywhere.. just the .47 wide beta. This would be a cool bbs to get up.. one thing I wish a lot of these guys would have done was a LOCAL - I dont need a modem connection mode. Or get source so that some changes could be made. I dont think I have seen one around.. and it is customizable enough to keep me busy. James
  23. Did you figure out what FZDS stands for? FZDS stands for Freeze-Dried Software? FZDS_FSE is the Freeze-Dried Full Screen Editor as I noted above. -JP
  24. actually it was in the archive of Foresight BBS.. working on getting that running right now.. looks like it might be an interesting bbs. I will have to move it to the ST to really test it though.. since I cannot get a EMU to work at the moment with the modem. James
  25. Does FZDS stand for Freeze-Dried Software? For example, from your link above: FSESHELL.ZIP 25977 Jul 26 1995 CMDSHELL V2.00 for FZDS_FSE - A command shell for Octopus BBS sysops who would like to use the Freeze Dried Full-Screen Editor. Also adds optional tagline capability. Freeware!
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