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  2. Stop crying. I said moisturize, not moist your eyes.

  3. What emulator and what controller were you using? I found mame to be a little more responsive than jzintv.
  4. Haha someone is dreaming aloud about Crossbow as 4th round in the HSC......
  5. Because of the internal confusion. My current hypothesis is that the internal DOS parameters for the file being opened within the init segment ("D:FOO.BAR" in the example above) influence (or override) the internal DOS parameters for the binary file being loaded. Therefore if "D:FOO.BAR" exists and has been read out, an EOF status was reached, but the binary loader thinks that this EOF was reached in the binary file, hence it attempts to run it. When the "D:FOO.BAR" does not exist, the file is apparently internally marked as "not open", the loader trying to continue with the binary file gets an error 135, which is apparently so unexpected as to cause the DOS to crash.
  6. nice one, ill check it out 🙂
  7. I just tried out my old Intellivision (I've been playing on emulation up to now) and you're right - the controls seem much better on the original hardware. Apart from a jittery screen, I can only blame myself for making silly mistakes now! A small improvement... 105,660
  8. Could always try messaging the seller asking for the username of the buyer so that contact could be made through eBay. That's probably blatantly against eBay's TOS on several levels, but might be worth it. Perhaps set up a burner eBay account lol.
  9. @flashjazzcat has done at least one Youtube video on this very thing for a 400. If you haven't seen it, look it up and give it a watch.
  10. Berks Four, an A8 conversion for the 5200. Thanks to @Nojeee @Wrathchild @playsoft and anyone else that made this available for the community.
  11. Hello, I know that I am in the Genesis section, but can't seem to find a SNES section. I have a SNES that had no video but the sound was working. After looking at the schematics and doing some diagnostic, I found out that D1 was dead. I've replaced the diode and now I get the image but it's continuously flickering (See attached video). I've managed to run a burn-in test and everything passes. I am thinking that I may have a bad capacitor somewhere. I am looking at ordering a replacement kit but I would love to have a second opinion on this issue. Thank you. VID_20200222_125644.mp4
  12. Are there any plans to sell the retail version of the ROM? If so, I'd love to buy a copy!
  13. Sorry, I've been quite busy these past couple of months. I added a couple of side box scans for Parker Brothers. I am adding a 4th column for the PB main screen. It's going to contain box inserts. I don't have too many at the moment. Box inserts are going to correspond to the box itself. Thus, if a box is only 1 piece, there would be no insert. I will create a list of all the inserts for the boxes, even if they are 1 piece. Any 1 piece box which never had an insert made will have N/A written next to it. So for example, if box 1 is one piece and box 2 has two piece with an insert, the page would look like this. Insert 1) N/A Insert 2) (C)1982, white with blue ink, No. 2870 (Scan would be here) It's possible that inserts may be blank. I'll actually scan that too and just describe it as blank with no writing. I'll post when I get something up on the site. I will need a lot of help with this one, especially with Canadian and international box versions. Are the German boxes all one piece? Please let me know. I may use any scans I can get my hands on, though they may not be the best. If anyone can replace them, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Phil
  14. do you mean a cable or socket? i accept that but i havent decided which yet theres already an extra hole in the back panel so i may just rig up a 5-pin DIN to match the other models. then i can use the same cable i just gotta track down the right connections on the board in order to proceed
  15. Weekend plans. Finally got this second print copy of Kraut Buster last month and, much like Saint David Gahan, I just cannot get enough. Absolutely sky high production values and fresh mechanics that make this feel like a real labor of love and not a mere Metal Slug clone. Looking forward to throwing together a proper review soon. I’m just happy to say that was worth the torturous wait.
  16. Regarding Sentinel: The manual states: Has anyone an idea where to find these secret places?
  17. That's all well and good but the point is you will have to add something for audio if you're not using RF on a 400.
  18. yes, i dont fancy that. if i was inclined to add any components id add a UAV device but id rather just mod whats already there if poss
  19. What Keatah, said above, reflow! It's worked for me in the past.
  20. Thanks for the hint. I just added some code for light gun games which ties the cursor visibility to grab mouse mode. So you can switch visibility with CTRL+G.
  21. I have a 4 switch Woody..... Sunnyvale label with 202 engraved on it. I also have a Sunnyvale light sixer with 169
  22. Wow, B mode is tough. I'll be happy to complete a loop.
  23. I could only describe this like playing a PAL game on an NTSC system. I remember getting something similar back in the day. I'd have to tweak the vertical hold on the TV. Can't remember which game... I'm old.
  24. My "Creepy" emails to everyone you'd interviewed then. Well you little spunk trumpet, i had never spoken to Anthony from Imagitec Design before he joined here and he was kind enough to explain your bizarre emails to him. And now he's made a public statement, I can point out it was the LEGENDARY Simon Butler of Ocean Software, whom i interviewed for Classic Console Magazine, who called you out years ago, asking why you constantly played the victim, you then blocked him He described you as Barking Mad to myself. Here's his statement regarding you NOW: thank all the people who have supported me. A Statement by Kieren Hawken.pdf dropbox.com Simon Butler @tandemar Replying to @RetroLaird If anyone supports or believes this man they can only be as delusional as he is. The overwhelming groundswell of support for the retro scene against the unwarranted torrent of vile, painful and dangerous abuse from Kieren cannot be understated. 8:08 am · 22 Feb 2020·Twitter Web App 5 Likes He also put this up: https://twitter.com/tandemar/status/1228282087221886976 Check the weatherforecast Kieren, unsettled outlook for you it seems.
  25. Thanks for all the work that you're putting into this and, don't rush if you're not comfortable. I, too, would be willing to pre-pay if that will help. Hang in there!
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