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  2. It's laid out the same way as an IC socket, with pin one to the left of the notch, and the rest of the pins numbered sequentially down that same side and then back up the other (so pin 16 is across from pin 1).
  3. Congo Bongo Yes would be good to see a full version one day atari guys 36,770 (4) So from the start if you jump up and left you land on the first step round the side, other places you can jump up where you don't expect you can. Jumping the top river before Congo Kong (and I use the term lightly, wasn't that a werestler another one for rr?!) is strange - I'm getting right to the corner and jumping with stick help up, seems to be reliable method. 2nd screen seems too easy until r4 where the mouths randomly? open. Had a stuck on monkey on level 3 and went for my camera but another blighter grabbed me and they dispatched me over the cliff, the cheeky little monkeys Java Jim, still spoiled by accidentally hitting phases 7-9 too early, had a successful 1-6 (40,130 after that) final score 57,350 on level 7, was very close to finishing 7, probably all 9 are completable. Rather than diving in the holes to avoid white storm thingy I found running arround the volcano a better tactic. [Option]=pause
  4. Num 2 Doc is supposed to be 11 pages but I only got 6.... I printed it again, still got 6... looked at the source doc... it is actually 6 pages, the read.me lied
  5. I had the audio lag at the beginning it was pretty bad but I refreshed my browser tab to restart it and the lag was gone. I guess some people didn't take that step.
  6. The audio sync issue only hit me when I started scrubbing a bit back to type up my notes. After that the rails came off YouTube's little choo choo train of streaming and it was messed up after that. However playing the archived video now the audio is fine so this was definitely a YouTube issue.
  7. @Mr Robot I...seriously shudder to think how much ink that would burn on a real 1020. .... wow. -Thom
  8. I have a bunch of old AtariArtist stuff I did BITD, but I don't recall - how does it handle printer output. Is 1020 plotter support built in, or does it require a driver disk?
  9. Think of all the money you saved by not wearing those little pens down to even smaller nubs.
  10. So I printed an Atariartist picture to 1020 plotter... took _hours_ and obviously only has 4 colours so we're not expecting miracles here. Here is the pic and a png of the output, I think it went amazingly well Remember this is resolution independent SVG, I can edit the colours post print in an illustration app, but it's taking a very very long time to load in Affinity, it was faster in Inkscape.
  11. Bomb Squad is shaping up to be a little like one of my favorite local party games "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes". I never was too keen on the original because of the awful driving mechanics but I am getting more & more excited for this one
  12. #Atari8bit #FujiNet CONFIG rewrite progressing - now implementing select, with pagination!
  13. Put me down for one. I thought about building my own, but yours looks better than anything I'd make
  14. Yeah, I checked about 2pm and it said there were 71 new replies since 11am.
  15. i'm glad to hear some people didnt experience the lag, thats good to know. Unfortunately a lot of people did and I assure you with my 1 gb a sec connection, the problem isnt on my end. Its likely a youtube issue as many lately have run into issues it seems with video/audio syncs on the uploaded videos
  16. Probably referring to the use of MMC cards. I haven't seen anything use those since the CC2 was released (I'm sure there's something out there, but finding SDs is certainly easier)
  17. Long Rainbow, NTSC, made in China. X105 1873239
  18. Who's "blowing smoke"? Some people seem to have experienced lag or synchronization issues and some didn't, which indicates to me that the problem was not at the source. For all we know, it could have been a problem with individual viewers' devices or connections, or a problem with YouTube, or some combination of both.
  19. wasnt lag per se, it was the audio sync was off. Look back at the chat , many people were commenting on it, but Im glad to hear it wasnt for everyone.
  20. Playin' some Opa Opa from Sega in this episode of Playin' The MameCade! https://youtu.be/NHFVMyT9d-M
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