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  2. These came from a game store as defective. He kept all cables and accessories so whatever is wrong will be internal. This guy doesn't miss thing. I'll try to get a better way to connect it. I have one cable somewhere that I need to check out
  3. How do you remove attachments from the "My Attachments" under the profile?
  4. Call Moves initializes a 1000 values nigh on instantaneously. Nice.
  5. I have a PAL unit which (to me) looks quite decent on a B&O TV.
  6. @Beeblebrox - That game will be on a 1Mb cartridge image, but it only requires a 64K XE system to play according to what the developer wrote. As far as I know, there are only demos that require 1Mb of RAM to run. Even the few games that require 320k have a much smaller audience. Bob C
  7. If you don't have a cable for the 2600 Jr... there's another option: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/134176-REG/Comprehensive_PP_FJ_PP_FJ_Male_RCA_to.html?ap=y&smp=y&srsltid=AQP2TeP1FZ-EhpBLsEvd7AiznBF8WcAnlVGmM310TfALckFdOAwn8k1mfeI That is essentially the inverse connector... plug that into the back of the Atari Junior and then you just need a coax cable to plug it into your TV. But being as you said "regular 2600s" earlier, this might not be the solution you are looking for. BTW, you can probably pilfer a cable out of the others for testing purposes with the Junior if you need it.
  8. I'm revisiting this subject now, as we've got some games played on the Saturn. Per this preview in the Official Sega Saturn Magazine from 1997, the games included really are supposed to be emulations of the arcade ROM. Now it is perfectly possible that different studios worked on the compilation for Genesis, SNES, Saturn, PlayStation, DOS, Windows, Game.com and Dreamcast, of which some ported the 5-6 arcade games and some wrote an emulator. Up till now, Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits a.k.a. Williams Arcade Classics has been treated as a monolith entry but I'm starting to wonder how it should be. Going by hardware capacity, it makes sense if the PlayStation, Saturn, DOS and upwards emulated the gaems while Genesis and SNES reimplmented those.
  9. Centipede Donkey Kong Space Harrier All IBM PC
  10. Everytime I read about "The Atari Report" and its ensuing retirement, I think back to all those bands that announce farewell tours, but then change their minds over and over.
  11. The preview video included the 2014 (I think?) A8 homebrew YOOMP! which is an awesome game. One of the authors confirmed that the game shown was theirs and “hoped” it would be possible to include it. Makes me think some of the titles - especially for homebrews that involved a team - might be hard to secure the rights from everyone to legally include.
  12. Hi dhor, thank you! Regarding the steps counter bug, this is caused by the way the Numlock key was used by RMT to set that value. It is however, a bit buggy, and as such, I have removed it entirely since I found a different and more reliable way to edit it. Solution: using the later RMT versions I have released will have the problem fixed
  13. Good demo Peri! Not sure if it works on NTSC either. @Armitage There are several 320k demos that might work on NTSC, but where they do work the colour pallete will be off. Thinking of NEAR, UNMEC, and Cyberpunk. Check out this 320K demo search on Fandal's website - a lot of them are there: https://a8.fandal.cz/search.php?name=&butt_details_x=x&search=320xe&from=50 Also being released this year in the Autumn is this new game which requires 1MB:
  14. That was a great watch and some very different choices for his top 5 compared to most I have seen. Tend to agree with the stinkers though none of them are particularly good. Got me thinking I would really struggle to pick my top 5 😀
  15. Well I decided I wanted one more try. I made it to the last level with all five lives left, and I managed to finish the game. I am not sure if I got lucky or the end boss himself is really easy. My final score is 210,500. You do not have much time after the game ends to get a picture. The score flashes in and out pretty quickly and then it goes into demo mode. Not sure if it shows the high score again after going into demo mode. The ending was pretty nice. One things that always bugs me about the high score clubs though, is when you are more worried about trying to get a picture of the score than enjoying the game's ending.
  16. Title screen From Ultima II is one. You might have to be careful, I think some of these types of titles were converted to gr.7. In BASIC you could do a gr.8:plot 0,0:drawto 1,100 and that should show it too.
  17. When the last batch of AtariAge games got released and I saw this for the 7800, I was wondering if my memory was playing tricks on me as I was sure I had seen it for the 2600. Fast forward to today and ta-da, I stumble across it again. I knew I had seen a 2600 version! Will this version get a physical release?
  18. They might be thinking of Lock 'n Chase? It has a little ball looking player with big feet...
  19. I am keeping that in mind. And I offered a solution. Whether you find it worth using or not is up to you.
  20. Updated WIP: µSoukoban (Port | A8) by zbyti @zbyti | WIP Binary (20220701) | Listing Updated: July 5, 2022
  21. I've beaten most of Pilot with zero crashes but a few stages still elude me. The last planet has a race against the clock that I just couldn't beat without crashing. I'll head back one day and finish the job 😛
  22. LOG_WARN should be output by default when you use "-log" or "-oslog". You can add more debug flags in the source file. The websocket client, however, cannot output via the MAME logging facility, as it is an external library; you have to add printf lines.
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