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  2. thanks Mike. I'll take a look at the new hardware and repairs options.
  3. It's a new power supply that I got from 8-bit classics.com
  4. @wildstar87 Yes the video connector here is one, to serve one of three implementations at a time. My main concept when I designed the board, was to use a video out connector that without modifications to the wiring, it can serve the existing cables of the users. If, for example, I was using a 13-pin video connector, each user would have to build a new cable for each use! I mean one for the UAV, STOCK, VBXE! Even if he had the skills to do it, finding and purchasing such a connector would be difficult and expensive! Unfortunately or fortunately, when someone are planning something new, it will have to think about all the factors around it. I think that the instructions for VBXE, refer to a specific version of XE board only. To check what exact it need to change on this revised board, I must to find some free time as to prepare a file. For now I suggest you to try to assemble the board in stock form, and after to check for good working operation. After when all are look that work good as the original Atari, check the UAV and HIAS memory upgrade! One step at a time. Now, when all these have finished with success, you can proceed with any add on you wish. Note: In reality the SJ1 is a "solder pad" type jumper.
  5. The End (1 B/B): 40,700 Great game. Wish this one would have worked on my Unocart as prefer playing real hardware and joysticks.
  6. This is purely to satisfy curiosity. Anyone in the know about the 2600's that got sent back on warranty returns? Was there some kind of "one size fits all" procedure where every unit got the same selection of parts replaced, or a more case-by-case diagnosis and repair, or some combination of both? (Excepting those units with obvious physical damage.) As well as these were selling back in the day, there had to be some kind of streamlined process, or else a huge team of skilled technicians standing by. And one would Larry
  7. The MiniVex TwinStick...it does have two thumbsticks, but might only qualify as semi-ergonomic. (The extra buttons are for 7800 compatibility.)
  8. It would be nice if the Top / Bibo DOS option was added to DIR2ATR, unfortunately I was not able to interest the author. ok. example for TopDOS: you will need a blank DD ATR. Run TopDOS and connect empty DD ATR to D1. For TopDOS this is the default format so we don't have to do anything when formatting: I [RETURN] D1 [RETURN] connect to D2 ATR with your game and make a Copy: C [RETURN] D2: *. *, D1: [RETURN] now make it bootable - download http://xxl.atari.pl/download/xBOOT_Initializer.xex drag & drop to emulator [RETURN] this will write "xBoot" boot sectors DONE from now on you have DD ATR with a directory size of 128 (16 files per sector) TopDos is 1985 ... it's a pity that it is not possible to create such images with PC tools. --- vs better... immediately :D --- however, you have to prepare yourself for a lamentation from the "best" DOS users, their toy tool will not work
  9. I've been thinking about what Amico games would be best to play with my 2 year old girl. Right now she can play some original Intellivision games like Frog Bog where she only presses the disc down like it's one big button. She also plays some Atari & Magnovox games with a large single button joystick. She struggles with a D-pad, multibutton controllers, and thumbsticks, but is great with a touch screen tablet. I know Tommy mentioned many games really only have one button, but which ones would be so simple that even a 2 year old could play? I think she could play most of the motion sensor games (Cornhole), Care Bears, Sesame Street, and Hot Wheels. Any others?
  10. I won't deny it! I use the calculator function on my watch pretty much every day, and I'm most definitely a nerd. I'm pretty sure that goes for most of us here though, in one way or another!
  11. Yes. I detected no resistor in the sense wire of the BP24BPG. I do not have any additional photos of the external battery pack harness, but I can do some if needed. I expect that the unit will display the correct run-time when using the deep-cycle batteries. With no special configuration, the UPS is able to calculate the difference between the two-battery and four-battery packs. The former it is not designed to work with. Sorry for such a late reply -- I do not recall getting a notification of your comment. Hope all has gone well with your project. Oh, BTW, it is not a shrink-wrapped wiring harness but rather it is molded.
  12. I think I'm going to watch Rashomon tomorrow if they weather is bad.

  13. This cracks me up. “exposed to the elements”. In the premodern definition of elements, that is, as in water, air, water, heart, AND FIRE. https://www.ebay.com/itm/sega-game-gear-games-lot-/154491829080 I feel sorry for whoever had the house fire, but SHEESH.
  14. Thank you for making this extensive list. I am pursing a Mattel electronics Aquarius set and this has helped. Just trying to locate a boxed logo cart and recently came across some uncommon accessories.
  15. going on a 3 day vacation so i will not be updating as often. This is a writing retreat, not a pleasure cruise. I am quite safe and i wish you all a wonderful week

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  17. Thanks for all the stuff you posted for the ST & 8-bits ... and anything in the future!
  18. Polybius is an urban legend & was not made by Atari. Apparently it drove the player(s) insane over time.
  19. I am interested in purchasing a non-working Magnavox Odyssey. Not the controllers or accessories, just the main, white unit. I have a project in mind for it. Please make sure that it is totally non-working as I would hate to use one that could potentially be fixable in the future. If you have one or know someone who does, please get in touch with me. Thanks, Anthony
  20. Oh wow. And just like that, ini repair is what the Dr. Ordered
  21. https://www.etsy.com/search?q=intellivision https://www.mercari.com/search/?keyword=intellivision https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Listings?st=intellivision&sg=&c=&s=&lp=0&hp=999999&sbn=false&spo=false&snpo=false&socs=false&sd=true&sca=false&caed=9/27/2020&cadb=7&scs=false&sis=false&col=1&p=1&ps=40&desc=false&ss=0&UseBuyerPrefs=true
  22. It's a 16-bit LFSR. "rand16" holds the upper part of the seed. Try something like... rand=15 rand16=42
  23. I'm definitely not doing it manually, that's for sure. But for my project, I'm using Python 3 instead of DASM to generate the final data that will be included in the rom. It offers me so much more flexibility with regards to how I manage my game's data than DASM does. The first one is rather clever. I can't use it in my own game though because I use the extra bits not used by the index to store other data. For the second one, I already have it written as tax/txa in my own code, but you do bring up a good point; I hadn't realized that pha/pla take more cycles than tax/txa, presumably because pha/pla require memory access.
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