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  2. The current warning is not against Polish Post, but against the low-cost Polish Post option. However, there's a FedEx option to Canada at about $43USD as well; choose that instead and it will add another $20 CAD or so to the bill. (And choose the FJC version of the UMB and that's another $24 USD or so as well). I would confirm shipping options before ordering, of course (or probably pay the extra bit for FedEx anyways).
  3. Done and it compiles the game, but I haven't tested it.
  4. It may be useful if you launch A7800 from a CMD window instead, as that way you'll see any error output. Also you might want to double check that the a78 file actually is correct in size. The only time I've seen a7800 crash out personally is when I've accidentally specified a wrong-sized file of the wrong type.
  5. From the very first post in this thread: US buyers could select Polish Post in the ordering process - it wasn't refused by the store server - but per Lotharek's instructions, most of us chose not to. Not sure if that ever applied to Canada, or if things have changed in the last couple weeks.
  6. I used to spend hours designing fonts in Daisy Dot.
  7. Nice summary of things, including the games mentioned, from Venture Beat: https://venturebeat.com/2020/08/05/intellivision-delays-launch-to-april-2021-and-unveils-20-new-titles/
  8. I needed a bit of software to dump to 1020, I'll throw it on my tnfs server in the P tools folder. This printed as a small picture maybe 1.5inch x 3 inch on a page. I didn't draw this pic it came on another disk, I was just happy it had my name on it
  9. Hello Steven If you like DaisyDot II, you'll love DaisyDot III. Only thing it's missing IMHO is a "temporary stop printing while I put in a new sheet of paper" option. I never had a sheet feeder and tractor feed didn't really work on my LC10 (printing more than a few pages always resulted in a paper-jam), so I had to restart the printing/calculating proces after every page/sheet of paper. Which results in "calculate page 1, print page 1", "calculate page 1 and 2 and print page 2", "calculate page 1, 2 and 3, print page 3", ... Sincerely Mathy
  10. When I estimate shipping (to Ontario) I'm getting $30.78 USD (Polish Post Parcel - service to Canada is available, per the link on his page) for a 350g package - which would cover a SIDE 3 plus U1Mb. That would be $98.76 USD (SIDE 3), $66.64 USD (U1Mb) and $30.78 USD (shipping) for $196.18 USD or $260.33 CAD for one of each.
  11. YES! POUND HD cables work with the Snes2Jag.... However you have to power it via external power source. Snes2Jag also works with the RAD2X HDMI devices which also need an external power source.
  12. POSITIVE: EWJ4 CARD GAME Bomb Squad THE SPACE GAMES cant remember the names. Long day at work lol. 1 was a shooter 1 was the one like warlords Delay not an issue for me NEGATIVE: parts of it were long Moon patrol was one spot that was long Only because we have the demo.
  13. Try renaming the file. Instead of: sounds.bas.a78 Try: sounds.a78
  14. Hard for me to say as I enjoyed all of it for different reasons I enjoyed the interviews because it gave us a look at the people working on the games and I enjoy looking at the human side of things. Tommy’s hardware bit and match 3 joke had me laughing a lot All the gameplay I saw looked like games I would either enjoy on my own or with friends or my grandparents probably my favorite gameplay videos for new games were Finnigan Fox, Ridge Force Redux Enhanced, Space Strike and Bomb Squad and I think my grandma will enjoy the Monster Spades game thanks to the characters i has a lot of fun watching and will be rewatching soon
  15. Just a couple of pics of the prototype menu for the Amico. I like they are keeping the interface super simple but it has little video previews, player count & rough time to play a round. You can see where they are going with it generally
  16. No thanks. Never had a fondness for the NES and glad I’m not actively collecting for it.
  17. Agree. I never give a thought about country of origin for video games, other than the occasional regret/sadness that many great Japanese games never made it to western gamers with localizations. We missed out on a lot when we were younger, but so did the Japanese (ex: Super Punch Out!!). I know for a fact most western gamers regret the absence of loads of Japanese shmups and RPGs. That's just a fact, but I was never sure if the Japanese had the same feelings toward American consoles/games. Actually, I always thought in general, the Japanese rather shunned American games. Which I think is a strange irony, because we know that many business decisions were made for the American consoles not to bring Japanese games here due to what was thought would be poor sales for such games. A lot of marketing people made decisions on Americans behalf, so we didn't get a lot of localizations, especially for the Saturn. Like, it was assumed we wouldn't want their games, but in reality I think western gamers were starving for content and more open to all genres of games, moreso than the Japanese were.
  18. The CC2 has had a long good run, and the rom format updates released by Mitch have undeniably extended t's usefulness. It is looking a little long in the tooth, though. I'll agree with these points that others have raised... The menu app is a pain, especially if you're not running Windows. To be fair, the Mateos filesystem rituals sound worse. The MMC card is problematic to replace. Related to that, card readers that support MMC aren't universal. I have the Canadian equivalent of a Micro Center nearby, and when I asked if they had a card-reader that said it supported MMC, I then had to explain to the salesperson what an MMC card was. 😆 And I'll add a point... The plastic holder for the MMC has a tendency to shear off, and has done so for a number of members. (guessing that this is the nature of the repairs that -^CrossBow^- was doing)
  19. Got my 2nd rf controller in yesterday! Thanks again Which rev is the board on this one?
  20. You know, Joe Besser wasn't that bad of a Stooge.

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