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  2. No twist.. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
  3. Maybe the components have been nicely preserved under all that filth? It belongs in a museum! 😁
  4. I have a single 5 1/4" floppy (SA400L I believe). I also have the disk controller, obviously, in my PEB. When I try to run the Disk Manager (any version 1 - 3) and perform any tests, I get "DISK ERROR 16". Which I believe means no drive present. Now, when I power on the PEB, the drive LED comes on and makes a click...like the heads are clamping down. Then the LED goes off. I power on the TI and it does it again. On the disk drive end of the cable, I am using the old 5 1/4" connector. On the controller end, I am using the 34 pin "newer" connector. Sorry, I'm not sure what the actual names are. So the cable I have is 34 pin to TWO 5 1/4" connectors. One has a twist. I've tried both. Sorry, I'm running out the door but I can include pics, etc. later if needed. Just hoping someone knows of something stupid I am doing. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. I need to get my original Asteroids cabinet fixed,...Then think about that upgrade if it appears again on eBay...
  6. Hey! Anyone remember the code for 9 lives in Sydney hunter and the sacred tribe! Totally forgot...
  7. Lol. Not sure you'd be able to get the dirt off to check the serial number
  8. Hi all. It's my absolute pleasure to announce that Princess Quest for Intellivision is now available freely as a ROM file. 😀✌️ Also it's a great opportunity to say to everyone that I appreciate your support through the years, and thanks for everytime you buy a physical copy of any of my games, and I hope to keep writing many games more for Intellivision. 🙏 Enjoy it! princess_quest_intellivision_2014.zip
  9. Hi Rev found a new bug....again in level 7.... After beating the end boss....the game crashed. No bugs found in other levels
  10. same functionality. Even more so since it still allows for advanced directional control. Other versions were available around the world as well.
  11. I think this is the first round with a significant dip change (it should be obvious that there are no continues allowed by default). I do check them every time and did so in this one too, just forgot about it later. I'd be happy with just playing on defaults (not sure why the previous HSCs should matter here) since that's how it (mostly) was in arcades. I guess extra difficulty makes sense if there is a majority of pros playing but I suppose the level here is much more mixed and approachable (and that's the reason why I play here instead of, say, system11.org).
  12. Just picked up a Atari XMM 801 Dot Matrix for a project. Anyone in the US good at servicing these if I run into issues? I'm in California- Fww Any words of wisdom with AtariWriter 80? Thank you
  13. I've been interested in an RGB mod for some time, and I've been in touch with Tim Worthington over the years as he's been working on one since 2016. However, I haven't heard any updates since I last checked in with him and I don't believe anyone else is working on such a mod. I actually set aside a 1984 model 7800 for a 7800RGB mod but now I'm starting to think about putting in a UAV board instead, now that I have a composite/S-video transcoder for my OSSC and was very pleased with the results on a UAV-modded 2600. It's certainly better than the LHE board in my other 7800 which was disappointing.
  14. Is this available yet? What is/will the price be? When will it be available?
  15. My copy of Halloween is also jiggly so you're not alone!
  16. 41,430 for Atari 2600 Squish’em.
  17. Apologies I've just had it with people I've not spoken to in years texting and messaging me constantly saying Kieren is calling you out on your claims, even after I have posted corrections to his bullshit. It's hugely frustrating that likes of Octav1us Kitten and myself seem to have to prove our innocence. He's already back to doing exactly what he was doing. YT account and Twitter back up. Legal action is only thing that will stop him People offering him forgiveness is just giving him hope he can return to the fold in due course Simon Butler comment in fairness IS new and Simon god bless him, tried warning people about Kieren years ago,yet they still worked with him.
  18. I second this. This thread has become quite huge and unwieldy at this point, and it's becoming harder and harder to search through when looking for specific people's experiences. It would be nice if this thread can be kept to just newly uncovered tidbits or for those who haven't done so already to post their own experiences with Kieren.
  19. Do that while sweeping your hand across a wall of cartridges in a grand fashion like an MC opening a show.
  20. Thank you for updating.. that means a lot.
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