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    I don't like how you often turn things into creepy, obviously sexual analogies and metaphors related to incest and pedophilia, then accuse me of seeing those things where they aren't. Since the hypothetical situation is of your creation, you can make up anything you want about it. Maybe you really were imagining a "creepy willing incest" situation (...and why you were, I don't know and don't want to know), maybe you were imagining a creepy UNWILLING incest situation (I want to know even less about this). If this situation was consensual, which is bizarre and unlikely even in a hypothetical, metaphorical sense, there would be no need for any of the drama or lawsuits. If it was not, it was rape by dictionary definition. In the context of your weird little metaphor, rape is a reasonable assumption. My issue with you, which I raised in that original post (missing AA'ers), is that you frequently bring up rape, incest and sexual abuse when it's not on topic, and treat those subjects in a very lighthearted, off-hand matter - like they were something to be laughed at. That's NOT good. In the later post, I made a short, undirected, on-topic complaint about rape topics in a television show. The post was specifically on the subject of disliking the show; I dislike the show, and I cited my reasons as had the OP. That's pretty reasonable behaviour. Rape humor is a part of the show; I've seen it. It's on there. I can think of several specific instances in which the writers of the show treated rape as a joke (including one that double-pissed me for simultaneously mocking aquaman); I haven't even seen that many episodes of the show. It's possible I've randomly watched the only 4-5 episodes that contain that material, but I doubt it. Other adult swim shows feature similar content: There's a rape-dog on Aqua Teen; and I just saw a very graphic and very smugly callous "rape ghost" skit on Robot Chicken. It's part of a pattern. Imagine that you're twelve, and you've just been raped. You're scared, ashamed for some reason, physically hurt, and both want and don't want to tell someone. You are making that decision when the show you're watching reaches out to you at that most vulnerable and terrifying moment in your life and mocks you and your unfathomable pain. It sends you the message that rape happens, that it's FUNNY, that it's not that big a deal. You're going to shrug that off? Not a chance. Not right; not worth a laugh, not acceptable. No one is arguing that watching an episode with that humor will convert a good person into a rapist in short order; but no one with a brain would argue that people's attitues aren't affected in some way by the content of the media they take in. Someone is learning, from family, that rape isn't that big a deal. It's something to laugh about. When that person is faced with a choice in the future, they won't remember that skit, but it will be with them. The marginalization of that crime serves to create a social tolerance for it in which the crime flourishes. Rape is NOT rare; and it's not (usually) committed by dirty old men that hide in shrubs. People are learning this behaviour from SOMEWHERE, and I wouldn't imagine that television shows are the largest factor, but maybe the writers and consumers should consider whether they want to stand with the rapist or with the victim. If you laugh away rape, which one are you supporting? I call anyone and everyone out who does it; I will always, no matter where I am and who is laughing. Your reply, RT, was classic troll; pitiful even for a tweenager. As I recall it was "You see rape everywhere. Rape, rape, rape, rape." Against AA policy, but whatever. I didn't start anything with anyone, but you made it personal. You took that first step and chose to mock my decision to make a stand for something that matters, even if only a tiny stand, and on a retrogaming board. You should be proud. As I aptly demonstrated, I do not owe you the money. You made a comment that was very reasonably interpreted as relating to rape; I reacted to it. You have still failed to find any post in which I brought the subject up where it did not exist already; it is certainly part of the complaint that Family Guy is a "mean-spirited show". When it's your own post, don't be a weasel and say "oh, I didn't really mean rape"; like, for example, where you detail how a pedophile santa might enjoy children on his lap in the beard thread (you just keep bringing this stuff up out of nowhere for some reason - care to offer one?). Maybe Santa wasn't a pedophile at all, he just.. had hemorrhoids. What you really mean comes across clearly. Keep looking. Find a real example; where nobody mentioned rape and the subject matter wasn't related to it, and I just started talking about it out of the blue, and I'll pay up (I do not have a paypal account) You can't find one, because one doesn't exist. I see (the artifacts of rape culture) in many places, but only where they really are. None of this stuff is anything I've made up; you can learn about it on Wikipedia, TVtropes, books and essays, a college course or, ideally, from the voice of a victim who felt that helpless rage as her deepest pains and fears were used for cheap laughs, adding ultimate insult to ultimate injury. I choose to pick a fight with that BS wherever I see it. You choose to pick a fight with me for picking that fight; because... because... well, no, I can't think of a reason why someone would have a problem with that. Like I stated in the post, you are left trying to defend and reclassify "hypothetical granny fingering" as "willing incest", trying to tear me down for making a little effort to be a better person. Great job.
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