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    Hit Reset to get start the "game". Select returns to the rainbow screen. Hit Fire to advance levels. The starting number of asteroids will be the first 1-2 digits of score(leading 0 is blanked out). This can be from 4-12. Every 2 seconds an asteroid will break into two asteroids. This will occur until all the asteroids are small. The middle 2 digits of the score will be how many asteroids are flying around. Push joystick in any direction to speed things up and break an asteroid every half second. Last 2 digits of score are flicker level. 0 = no flicker 1 = 30 Hz 2 = 20 Hz 3 = 15 Hz 4 = 12 Hz Started with 4 asteroids, broken up into 8 asteroids (10 total sprites w/saucer and ship) Started with 12 asteroids, broken up into 48 asteroids (50 total sprites). Flicker varies from 2 to 4. This is a worse-case sprite count as I doubt it would ever occur during an actual game. ROM spacerocks20120417.bin Source spacerocks20120417.zip "robotron test" spacerocks75.bin spacerocks100.bin
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