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    Wow, thanks for all of the "Previous Next" links! I will fix how these things look. I love that you've run with that "crap game from hell" line. xD
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    KLOV is our friend! So is MAME. I find it hard to compare home videogames with arcade videogames. On the one hand, Arcade Videogames were designed for you to eventually lose OR to keep taking your quarters. Home videogames went through a sort of evolution where slowly designers realized that even though everyone wanted arcade ports, they could do so much more. (Adventure being the best early example of this, I think.)
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    Yah, it's a phantom, though I've been out of it for a few years, something new about it may have turned up, but I'm skeptical. That site is great. Paul Robson? I think? (not checking, I'm lazy) he did a great job with the emulator, making it possible to feel all the pain of the system on the comfort of your own computer.
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    LOL yes, though in this case it is a flaw that RCA Studio IIs continued to work after Y2K xD
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    GREAT book I would recommend is Dungeons and Desktops by Matt Barton. He does a terrific job of talking about the early computer RPGs. I adore that book. lol, yes, I'm scheduled to finish all of this in about 4212 A.D., hopefully my cyber brain will arrive before my real one turns to mush.
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    That's interesting! My first Black Jack video game was on the Atari 2600. Actually Combat, Space Invaders and Black Jack were the first carts we owned. Since that was one of three carts, I do remember playing the hell out of it. Something hypnotic about it, but overall, I don't find it "fun", it's more like meditating.
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    Hmm... I didn't comment on the fact this was the first cartridge based game? Wow, though maybe from the perspective of having played Odyssey (I know they weren't programmable, they were just circuits) which had cartridges, i don't know if someone back in 1976 would have been able to know the difference. Well, an 8 year old at least might not have known the difference. Hahaha, thanks for linking the Chicken video. Yeah, I saw those at county fairs while growing up. Smart to google it!
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    Yeah, I don't have any experience with the 500. (though... hah, I'd forgotten I had a 400) I think the 500 actually had sprites or something. In regards to "Smash" I'm not sure, it was probably called something else on other systems, but I remember Jai-lai because I don't think I learned to say it correctly until my early 20s. heheh.
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    Hey, sorry about that broken link. I'll fix. And yeah, the four paddles just meant two players, with two paddles each.
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    hahah, whew, July 2019!? That's doable. xD
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