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    I am starting to miss it. Thanks guys - I appreciate the feedback; I've got a lot to think about. I guess it just comes down to the fact that I'm getting a little afraid thinking about how I'm going to support myself for the rest of my life. I know that's everyone's fear as well. Allan - I actually did think of going my own route, but the only problem is I believe my songs are good *DEMOS*, but I know I'm nowhere near a good producer. That was my plan all along; I never really wanted to be in the spotlight (I'm not built for that)... I was always more into writing songs for other people to see where they could take them. When you *want* to go that route, knowing that your songs aren't optimal but believing the right producer/artist would make all of the difference, you *need* a record company... Getting back to the games, though - after the new year is underway I will figure out what I am doing hopefully. Thanks again, guys - you are a great bunch of people... truly. Bob
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    I would really miss working on homeberews. Even though there are times when I just can't find the time (due to work) or just don't have the interest, after a break from it I always come back to it. I enjoy it as a hobby, because it's an oft-needed diversion, and I simply enjoy doing it. I worked professionally as an artist before, and it turned something I loved into drudgery. Even though part of me thinks I'd like to make a living as an artist again, I know that it would always require compromise. By keeping it for myself, it remains something I enjoy on my own terms, and can step away from as needed. I work in technology too, and I spend a good chunk of my time trying to just keep up. But I try and leave that for work. Even though I've worked some ridiculously long days, at the end of them, I can still go home and just pursue what I enjoy, when I enjoy it, and how I enjoy it. I've known a lot of people who have gone into a job doing something they loved to do, and yet they complain just as much about their jobs as anyone else. All jobs have good and bad points. But as theloon said, work to live - don't live to work. Everyone needs to have something to enjoy that is their own. It helps keep us sane.
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