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    The rotating mines look good - much better than I was expecting! The updated siren also sounds great - nice work Ivan. Chris
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    Hey TJ - just wanted to chime in and say the mines look great! Also the siren really adds a nice touch too - very much like the arcade. Thanks for taking the time to finish this one - can't wait!
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    Rotating mines looks great!
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    I think it works well at the current speed. They shimmer quite fast in the arcade game.
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    The new mines work for me. As with the smaller ship, it took a few games to become accustomed to them, but I like them better. They're more dynamic and just a little harder to shoot. I like the siren - I need to hook up a real 2600 to really give it a good listen.
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    I must admit I am liking the new ship now that I'm used to it. Good thing: The ship reminds me of a house fly.
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