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    Nice report! Contact the.golden.ax about getting a couple of his 7800 modded NES controllers, they're awesome. His most recent reply in that topic has his email address. Have you dropped Space Rocks on your Harmony card yet? Odds are it wouldn't have been a system seller for you. By the time it was widely available in 1986 (it saw a limited release in southern California in 1984) everybody I knew had left consoles behind and played games on their new home computers. Only 1 of my friends had a 7800, and I seldom saw it in use.
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    So I am working on Giuseppe again today. I got the life and coin counters working almost. Everything's fine except there's infinite lives. I can't figure out how to make the life counter go backwards. You get an extra life every ten coins, so if you get a coin when the coin counter is at 9, it goes back to 0 and adds one life. I got that working (surprisingly). Next on my list once I get subtraction working is to add the coin counter into levels 3 and 4. I used up 1,749 bytes for level 1 and 1,384 for level 2 (out of a possible 2,048 for each). I'm going to have to edit level 3's y position limits to display the lives and coins counter also, but that should be easy to do. I was thinking I was going to display them on the bottom, but it didn't work so I put it on the top.
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