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    I've been working on this project this evening. You can select a verb either by the Colecovision's Keypad or selecting it from the boxes below. There are 4 objects in this room that can be use by verbs displayed above. I didn't put my all on the graphics since I am just building the engine. All I need is your character being able to walk around in this scene. Then I'll have to figure out how the inventory system going to work via coding. The text disappear on it own after a few second and restore the tile. Eventually the text color will change if a game character speaks like in regular LucasArt game. That VRAM chip is going to hate me. Ok time to sleep...
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    So I finally opened the little baggie the USB cord was in and hooked it up to my computer. Took a little while to find out how to do what I wanted it to. Took a while to figure out which USB Port was COM5. But then I uploaded a simple sample program in. After it uploaded it, I was able to push a button and make the LEDs light up. If I pushed the first one, the first light would light up, and so forth until the 8th and last one. I think I now know how to upload programs onto my Propeller chip. Step 2 is up now, and that is try and make a spin program of my own and learning the spin language. I want to make something useful, something more than lights flickering on a board. Is this possible with the thing I have?
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