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    Flight of the Icarus, I like that title. For a month I had to focus on Computer Space. I didn't want to start a new project and ignore this game. I had a bunch of ideas and wanted to try something. More like I wanted to build something. It's like building blocks, programming these games. I know it very important that I deliver the games requested. Computer Space is very close to completion and the Collector Vision likes the Release Candidate. All I need is to finalize it. The next version, the turning speed should be almost like the arcade. I disable the thrust sound effect and the bg effect to have the explosion sound effect run without interruption. I cracked under pressure last Friday and put together Flight of the Icarus quickly. I work well under pressure for some reason unfortunately. I spent all day picking on it, such as changing the colors of the sprites. I did find one error I made putting the enable_nmi() inside the for() {brackets} to put_vram the tiles. So that cause the number tiles to corrupt. I was thinking that the tiles 0000-0200 were effected when that happened because that happened in Spunky's Super Car!. What does this VDP have against numbers? Anyway, corruption was stopped once I fixed that issue. I was also observing the effects having the number and HP bar every frame, which cause the slowdown. Also cause the VDP puking up random data on to the screen. Sorry to make you dizzy TMS9928A. They are now called on every 16 frames. I should have them called when there's a change in variable. I'll do that later. I need to write my own number routine instead of using print_at(0,0,str()), even though the space and a heart icon is written over the first 2 zeros. Without that title screen, the game's is about 11KB-12KB. I think I can cram about 10 levels, 16 different enemies, 10 different bosses, maybe just 4. Pretty much the skeleton of this game is built. I using pointers for the preset tiles for the game to pick out and loop. Adding content to it is next. It feels good that after 25 years, I am now have more control over making a game without having to use a skeleton like RPG maker and etc. I feel like I could make anything with the C library used for Colecovision. I played Flight of the Icarus multiple of times and I enjoy playing it. Anyway, I need to put that away and finish the product
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