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    For a while my time has been occupied with work and 7800basic updates, but in recently days I've managed to squeeze in some Salvo updates. Gameplay additions include: Humanoids to save. The enemies shots don't kill the humanoids, but if the enemies touch the humanoid it will die. By running over the humanoid he'll follow you for the rest of the level, so you can steer him to safety. Presently there's no penalty for losing all your humanoids (other than points) but I have more plans here. challenging stages at the end of two levels. Shooting all of the enemies in a challenge stage will earn you a free man. I'll be refining the later patterns, but most people probably won't see those. salvo.bas.a78 salvo.bas.bin Despite the game's Crossfire heritage, I think you'll find it's already starting to take on its own unique flavor. Enjoy!
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    Between working on 7800basic, recent MESS updates, and a few side projects, I've been also working on a 7800basic game thats an update to the old classic, Crossfire. In its current state its a bit rough, with programmer graphics, preliminary sound effects, and just a few essential stats on a plain scoreboard. On the plus side its playable, the difficulty does ramp up, and there's Crossfire fun to be had. salvo2085.bas.a78 salvo2085.bas.bin The project is eventually supposed to be a re-imagining of Crossfire, as if Williams had riffed on the concept. I have the basic implementation of hyperspace/shield/smart-bomb pick-up items, though they need more glitz. Given time I'll add humanoids to save, and a few more wrinkles. (which I'll keep close to my chest for now. )
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