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    After about a week of not working on my animation, I decided to work on it some more last night. I'm halfway done with the first episode of "A Bird and a Sign." This isn't 2600 animation, this is actual animation where I draw frames in Paint, record my voice and then put it into Windows Movie Maker. The Super Bowl is on, but I don't really care since the Seahawks aren't in it. I tuned in for a little bit at the start, but this year, even the ads are dumb. So I stopped and worked on my animation. I want my episode to be 11 minutes long, and right now I'm at 5.5 minutes. And so far so good. I worked on the bacon game for the Odyssey 2 last night trying to put the guy in. I kept running into weird problems with the guy's y position. I fixed most of them, but I am looking for a way so the guy's y position is always an odd number. If you fall into the elevator, sometimes it gets to be even and you can't get back on to the ledges. I woke up about 90 minutes ago, I was really sleepy since I went to sleep at about 2 a.m. last night. Right now it's almost 5 p.m. Anyway, about a year ago, I put a sneak peek of the first episode on the web. So if you like the thing, I've decided not to put it on YouTube, but I'll gladly send you a DVD of the thing when its finished for free like I do with the Celery thing. With all these various projects I do, I wish I had a printing company so I can make them look all fancy. I guess I could pay to have printed DVDs but then they would have to start having a price to them. All the DVDs I mail out are blank on the unrecorded side (I mean, they still say "SONY" and stuff on them) because my handwriting is horrible, so I prefer you label them instead of me. So anyway, if you want to look at about 30 seconds' worth of my animation, go here: http://atari2600land.com/birdsign/animated.html
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